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  1. The most significant differences are sizing, which will affect accuracy, and how well the coating is cured, which will affect smoke and smell and then the options themselves on bullet weights and profiles.
  2. .376 is a bit narrow for a plated bullet of .356. I'd go up a thousandth or two. The real question, if you want a nice, safe, accurate round, why not shoot a 115 or 124?
  3. Crimp for sure over-spec by .005, and probably more like .008/.009 over ideal. OP, when you are talking about a cartridge not chambering completely, and that cartridge OAL is 1.155 -- the bullet type is highly relevant.
  4. As far as I can tell, he still hasn't told us what bullet. He has told us a manufacturer and bullet weight, but there is a HUGE difference between RN and JHP. What bullet is it?
  5. STOP!!!! I am pretty confident that we discussed how YOU determine YOUR max OAL in a particular gun. Pretty sure the Canadian (you were probably ignoring him, he's Canadian) provided links on how to determine your max OAL. I think someone (possibly the Canadian again) said that you should not compare the dimensions of YOUR load to a factory load. That is, as they say north of the border, useless. YOU determine YOUR max OAL. There is no shortcut, and all the shortcuts you might think of are the the LONG WAY around. There is nothing faster than spending a few extra minutes to get it right the first time. That bullet does look crooked. Different problem, but I would seat ten and check that out. Maybe a trick of the lighting in the photo, maybe not. Also, referencing another comment, there is no 9mm bullet that is so big that it will make the case mouth bigger than will seat in a 9mm chamber. That Berry's is .356. I would crimp to .378 for the time being. That crimp will work perfectly well with that bullet diameter.
  6. No, the OAL is simply too long for that chamber with that bullet. We have seen this a bazillion times, most often with CZ, but also a few others. BallisticianX touched on it. There is a maximum OAL that any bullet can be loaded to in a particular chamber before it actually touches the rifling when fully chambered. If you load longer than that, your bullet will engage the rifling, and if it's too far past that point, it will hold the gun out of battery. That is what you are experiencing. In many Western and Eastern European countries, it's illegal to have any bullet type other than RN. FMJ-RN will seat exceedingly long without engaging the rifling -- longer, in fact, than the magazine will allow. Several gun manufacturers in Europe do not account for bullet types other than FMJ-RN, and their throats are a bit shorter than guns built in the U.S., where an unlimited variety of bullet profiles is permitted. This is NOT a problem. It simply means you need to load cartridges a few hundredths of an inch shorter for a CZ (or some Tanfos, some Walthers, and so on and so on) than you would for most pistols. Perfectly normal. Just determine the max OAL for that pistol with whatever bullets you load, and load shorter than that. There are boatloads of threads that discuss how to determine max OAL. I wouldn't be surprised if one was linked to previously in this thread.
  7. You don't need to slug your barrel to find out. Buy some Precision Delta FMJ-RN at .355 and .356 and see which your pistol shoots better. Done deal. If you slugged your barrel and it told you that you should use .355, but .356 ran better, would you run .355 anyway because that's what slugging told you? Of course not. Just buy the two different bullets from PD, same manufacturer, and try them. And for the record, the worse of the two won't be terrible, so it's not like you'll be wasting bullets. The lesser of the two will still be usable.
  8. Nevermind. I see now that you don't mean that it's a reformulation OF Bullseye, but that it's supposed to duplicate Bullseye's performance with some new characteristics.
  9. It depends on what you mean by reformulation. BE-86 and Power Pistol are the same basic compound as Bullseye, with different particle sizes and shapes and different additives and coatings and whatnot to create different burn rates and different desired characteristics. I have seen nothing about this being the case with Sport Pistol.
  10. Not ACME, but I have used it with 147gr BBI coated. It was great for 9mm minor, but I steered toward other powders. AA2 and American Select are (in my mind) the two great 9mm minor powders very few people talk about.
  11. Seen it MANY times in here. Poor bullet to barrel fit and overcrimping cause all sorts of accuracy problems if not outright tumbling. This isn't 600 meter rifle with jacketed bullets and super slow powders with tall powder columns where pressure builds slowly and let you tune it with an extra thousandth or two of crimp. It's superfast burning pistol powders in stubby little cases whose pressure curves don't respond to that and where all your extra crimp is doing is denting the bullet surface, and the case of coated lead and plated, damaging the surface. AND again, as has been said in these forums thousands of times -- extra taper crimp does NOT hold the bullet any better and prevent setback. Neck tension holds the bullet in place, and like any straight piece of metal, if you bend it inward at the top, it bows out beneath that point in response. Taper crimping past flush can REDUCE neck tension and INCREASE the likelihood of setback, not decrease it.
  12. It's not just different strokes. This will cause outright problems with some bullet types. This can damage coating for coated lead, as well as thin copper plating. There is no advantage to crimping past flush, and again, the penalty is bullet damage and reduced accuracy.
  13. Are Shadow 2 barrels melonite? I thought that was P-09/07/10.
  14. No one should do this. This is not how taper-crimping works. Taper-crimping to a .003 indent is nuts.
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