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  1. They have a link on their facebook page for the beta site. Apparently, a cert expired here's the link til the main is up https://beta.practiscore.com/
  2. Created: Mar 06, 2008 Effective: Jun 02, 2014 Rule: Appx D4 Spec Applies to: Pistol Ruling Authority:,John Amidon Status:Released Question: Does the CZ decocker or others similar, lower the hammer sufficiently to comply with Production division, and if not, how would they comply with the wording in 10.5.9 without being DQ'd? Ruling: Manufacturers have installed decockers to take the hammer safely to a position that is deemed safe, therefore; the term fully decocked is the position that the hammer rest at once the decocker has been used. Altering a factory installed decocker to bring the hammer to rest at less than a half cocked position is not allowed.
  3. Every RO must use the correct range commands. end of discussion. They're not hard to learn. As for talking after giving the MR command. Unless answering a question from the shooter, stick to the script. Every competitor deserves their time on the line to get their game face on.
  4. You guys put on a great match! Thanks to all that put it together and worked it! It was nice to be a "shooter" and not having to worry about running the "brick" for once!
  5. Two NROI Instructors say it isn't a DQ'able offense. That's good enough for me. And me as well, although I wonder about the whole finger/dq. Mactiger has a statement that should probably apply to all of the finger in the trigger guard discussions. "If the gun goes off, it's a DQ for AD". Should not matter about movement, reloading, etc. If the gun goes off, you have the answer. If it does not, then it should not be an issue. Too many new RO's (some of them fledgling Range Nazi's)seem to live for the opportunity to call this one. On reloading or movement, they are positive it is happening. Had a shooter report it to me at a recent local match (and he's not the first over the last several years). I've run him for years. He has short stubby fingers and it can look like he does not have his finger out when in fact he does. Saw this at an Area match with a newer RO who thought a shooter did not have his finger out as well. I've seen/run this guy as well, he is missing part of his index finger. Would not be a big issue to me to see the rule disappear altogether, especially on 10.5.10. If the gun goes boom, you go bye-bye. Keep it simple. Not a big deal unless you're the one on the wrong end of the 'AD". I've seen shooters snag their guns on props, slip and fall, break the 180, etc... No, rules regarding finger in the trigger guard are there for a reason.
  6. Paul, you are correct. As long as the mags stay on the belt and you do not handle them at the safety area, you're good to go!
  7. Gary, Thank you for service to our sport and to our area! USPSA is a better sport because of people like you!!! See you at the next big match! ~John
  8. I'm with the other RM's on this one too
  9. With some folks it's not about remembering it... they just want to game it to the Nth degree. In reality there is only one person who needs to remember it and that is the RO. I've had shooters who are twisted around so far it has to hurt. I reminded them of the start position so they halfway twist. By then I just let them stand there in their cockeyed stance until they ask what's going on and I'll explain again. Sooner or later they figure out that I'm not going to start them until they assume the correct start position. I don't mean to be a nazi about it but the rule is clear so follow it. Another reason is that some RO's don't know the rule and let folks get away with it. This can be taken care of by having a well written WSB. Pat Sorry I wasn't more clear .... I meant why do so many RO's not KNOW the definition of "facing uprange"? It really is the RO who should be enforcing this, and all RO's have to re-certify every year, so why the lack of knowledge on this simple start position? That's a good question
  10. John Baier


    You get a nice warm "hug" from Micah. (see 2010 MI match thread) Very funny, Kyle!
  11. I'm going with George on this, rule 10.2.2
  12. Even though it may have been fun. It makes no difference if it's a level 1 or level 3, we still need adhere to the rules
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