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  1. Yes, h&s is no longer. Most of the people locally I know have started using Gallant, including myself. Sent from my BND-L24 using Tapatalk
  2. Just last month a few of us put on a PCC only outlaw match at our local club. I thought it would be better to shoot a PCC in a match built for them, as well as I don't have much interest in shooting a PCC at our regular club matches, so a separate (but equal lol) match sounded perfect for me. We didn't get a ton of people (29 if I remember right), but everyone seemed to have a great time, and we ended with a lunch and a double elimination shoot-off with 100% payback. Running it as an outlaw match allowed different targets etc. and overall I called it a success. We also were able to build stages that offered challenges to a PCC without needing to consider pistols. Distances were increased, some shots were tighter, round count was higher on most stages, etc. If someone was wanting to try PCC, or liked shooting it but not at the expense of pistol matches (like myself), an outlaw PCC only match makes a lot of sense.
  3. I started with a sig 226 in limited minor with basepads getting me 22+1. I got to B class, where I still am. I got interested in red dots and had a couple sigs cut for RMRs. Not long after that, carry optics became a thing, and that matched my guns and equipment almost perfectly. I've been shooting only carry optics ever since, and just made A class last month. I found that any time I started thinking about changing equipment/division/gun/etc., when I shot the next match those thoughts went away. Assuming your gear is reliable, and the gun is decently accurate and appropriate for the division, your preference doesn't really matter. I've been trying to improve transition and movement skills ever since going to a Tim Herron class, and overall learning skills has been much more satisfying than the gear or division I am shooting in. I just picked something that I liked shooting already, and found the best division for that.
  4. I loaded on a Lee pro1000 for a few years before deciding to upgrade to a Dillon. I went with the 650 because it seemed to load a decent volume, and was something I could afford. I have since loaded tens of thousands of 9mm on it, and have been very happy with it. I don't regret the purchase, but the allure of the 1050 with the inline swaging and single pass 223 brass prep is sounding more and more appealing, especially since I have started shooting more 300 blackout and could use more converted brass. I'm pretty set on getting a new pretty within the year, but I'm trying to decide between looking for a deal on a used 1050, or waiting for the new 1100 to start shipping.
  5. This is the truest statement I have read on any gun forum in a long time. It never ends!
  6. I don't really feel confident in the ejector, and the fact that removing the mag then racking the charging handle usually leaves a round in the chamber isn't very great. That being said I really like the idea of the ENDO conversion in conjunction with a CMMG Guard upper. The ejector is in the bolt, and from what I have read it's usually reliable right out of the gate with no modifications required. I have an SBR lower that I would really like to add a guard upper to, and from what I have read the delayed blowback really reduced wear and tear on the trigger and hammer mechanism.
  7. I shot limited minor for about a year or so until I got a red dot for my 9mm gun and started shooting carry optics. I agree with many of the comments here. Yes minor is a disadvantage in limited, and yes a 2011 is really a better way to shoot limited. That being said, dedicated practice is going to do more for skill building, than almost any equipment purchase. Out of curiosity, I went back and looked at the last 5-6 matches that I shot limited minor with, and I was very consistently shooting right around 75% of the overall match winner. Yes I know you compare yourself within your division, but that just gave me a look at how I was consistently placing relative to the match overall. That was a big improvement from only about a year ago when I was down below 60%. Gear didn't change, my practice schedule did. If you already own a Glock 17 and want to shoot limited, go for it! Especially if the cost difference of 9 an 40 makes a difference in how much you are able to practice, 9mm is just fine. If you don't already own a 17, and maybe you reload and the price difference is small, then go with the 22/35/24 option that you like best.
  8. Thanks much, I might have to take you up on that, depending on how my tinkering skills are that particular day!
  9. Interesting. Nice to know that I'm not the only one wanting the colt mags/guard upper, and that the other people are pretty clever in figuring out solutions that I can use.
  10. Putting a welder in my hands would be the easiest and fastest way to destroy a perfectly functional magazine haha.
  11. The perfect (but most likely never to happen) is to get QC10 to mill the hole for the mag catch a bit lower and sell it as a guard-specific lower. It would be such a niche market (maybe a few hundred sales max?) that it makes no business sense. I can still dream though..
  12. I might buy a couple uzi mags and give it a try when the upper shows up. If nothing else I like to tinker with stuff and it would be interesting to try.
  13. I don't really plan on it, it just seems that with the ability for the mag to move around within the boundaries of the larger hole in the mag (relative to the now smaller mag catch) that it could lead to problems. But mag catches are cheap and that seems like the quick fix, at least initially. If there aren't any problems I'd just run it that way.
  14. I have the QC10 colt lower and am looking at the guard upper. I really appreciate the pictures and descriptions of the mods you did to make the gun function. I wonder if buying uzi mags might be easier than modifying the colt mags. Could you just cut a brand new hole for the mag catch at the appropriate height in the uzi mag? That would eliminate the need to weld up the colt mag after cutting the hole larger. Looking forward to trying this out for myself.
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