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  1. Text alerts!!!??? How the heck can I sign up for that? Click "My account" Click "personal information" Scroll down to phone settings and click "edit phone" and enter the info then be sure to check the "product arrival notifications" box.
  2. I've been ignoring midway's email notification the past several weeks. I've tried to order a couple of times just minutes after getting an email. Everything seems normal until you check out. By then, they tell you that the item you want is out of stock. Just a FYI guys midway's email alerts get received about ten minutes after text alerts, so everyone who gets text alerts has bought up most of the stuff by the time you get your email. I know this because I get both.
  3. Not available but able to back order if that helps. http://www.sinclairintl.com/reloading-components/powder/pistol-powder/vihtavouri-n320-powder-prod35483.aspx?avad=avant&ch=aff&aid=109483
  4. Projectiles being the most expensive part how do you get a better deal? At what amount do you have to buy to get a "bulk" price like 20,000 or something? And the question is meant for "normal" times. My MG's cost $.09 a round so $.10 seem like a nice price for the entire round
  5. I am just starting to reload 9mm and have gathered supplies in the last month or so buying from different places and paying multiple hazmat and shipping fee's I have it to $.16-.17 a round so not the cheapest by any means lol, Powder from cabela's, primers from midway, bullets from MG once the powder runs out It should drop to $.15 around which is about $20 a month saving for me (1000 rounds a month). Also I'm using range brass so that is not in the price as it is free to me.
  6. never got my text notification. Did they list them today? I didn't see any, the trend was broken :-(
  7. Past 2 Mondays midway has posted WSPP around 4:30 pm waiting to see if that is the case this Monday.
  8. Try putting in a new blue spring maybe they wear faster than we think. How many rounds since changing the last one?
  9. Is there a big difference in the performance of a 124 Cmj and a 124 Fmj? Is loading the same, like powder GRNS and oal?
  10. What is the difference in the cmj and fmj? they look the same to me...
  11. Thank you!! now I am officially good till the new year.
  12. I had the same kit with the blue springs in mine, almost 5000 rounds with WWB and freedom munitions new and reloads never had a light strike or any other issues for that matter. Any lube in the striker channel?
  13. Try again, make sure it is set to instant email notification.
  14. That's what happened to me lol. I got 5k when they went up last week 5/21 and they will arrive today!!! If they keep coming it once a week like these last 2 weeks I will be pleased considering how its been, but even better when I can buy at leisure.
  15. Have also blacked out the rear sight dots on my M&P so that only the front sight retains a white dot. I find this has helped in concentrating on the front sight alone, and the light bars either side of it. I blacked out my fronts and rears, I found I was being distracted by the dots. I might put the front back on or go F/O so I don't have to look for the front sight when drawing.
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