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  1. N320 with coated should be fine as long as seating the bullet doesn't scrape off the coating
  2. Could be getting stuck at the rear position in the frame, maybe just try turning in the reset screw.
  3. Speedshooters has(or had) cape magwells that fit SV steel grips
  4. http://www.shootspsa.org/Pro-Am%202015%20squads.pdf
  5. When will this match be uploaded to USPSA? I still dont see it on there. Thanks for an awesome match!
  6. neat little project my gunsmith did with my spare parts.
  7. FP. They feed just as well and punch much better holes. I highly doubt you would notice a difference in accuracy unless you shot past 100yds...
  8. compared to pretty much any other 40 major powder it is very harsh. It work great, but it's definitely not better than a faster powder. That's why I say dont go out of your way for it because it's not better. So, if recoil isnt something you care about and are just plinking it's excellent, but for USPSA it's not ideal. It also has trouble getting a complete burn with lighter bullets **at major power factor* loaded long for svi/sti guns giving fairly inconsistent chrono results. That's why the data they list is above PF, because this slow of powder needs that pressure to completely ignite. Use it for 9major
  9. Don't go out of your way for it, or buy it over something you like for 40 major. I didn't care for it in 40 major
  10. 4.8 would be a fine starting place for 1.18, I would also make loads up to 5.0 at the same time to save you trips to the chrono. 4.8 may be slightly under major.
  11. 5.0-5.2 with 200 coated bullet loaded 1.205 should get you major. Previous posts have more data info for this load, their data is for a short chamber. Loading short will produce more pressure/velocity.
  12. Made some loads with CFE pistol for 40 major 200gr sns moly 200gr xtreme HPCB 180 mtg JHP 175 bayou swc 165 BBI Worked fine, I used the data people have already posted and made major with each no problem. Accuracy was excellent slightly dirty for those who care I would never use this powder over wst, nitro 100, n310 or even titegroup. They all felt harsh compared to wst, but it does work if it's all you got. I'm not sure what we all were expecting with a slow burning powder, lol, it feels pretty much exactly like autocomp and I would use it as such.
  13. Awesome match, great stages, thanks all for putting on another excellent A5 match! here is the link to the photos I took of my squad, they are being uploaded now so it may take a few hours, there should be about 600 photos https://www.flickr.com/photos/russellhjoy/sets/72157645198304365/
  14. Yeah I've never noticed much of a difference due to temp either BUT I did notice they felt a lot different (harsher) in the cold. I thought it may have been because my hands were cold so I shot indoors with warmed hands and still felt the same yet no velocity change.
  15. Very awesome match, loved it! This match was done really well in pretty much every aspect, thank you all who helped make it happen. Definitely in my list for a must shoot match next year. Here are the photos I took. They are still being uploaded, I took over 1000, so it may take until tomorrow to get them all up but you can see some now. I tried to get everyone in my squad on each stage but depending on the shooting order I may not got as many of some, sorry, and I was only able to take pictures of my squad. feel free to use them as you wish, if you click the "..." icon you can download it in any size so you can recrop or put it on your fridge. Thanks everyone and enjoy! https://www.flickr.com/photos/russellhjoy/sets/72157644565101648/
  16. My front sights break like clockwork before every major match. It actually broke during the ohio match, but I've since replaced it. someone needs to make me a titanium front sight. But Kurt needs to test his mags and doesn't like indoor ranges because his space gun makes too much noise.
  17. Will there be a bay open to sight in/squeeze off a few rounds?
  18. I thought it flowed perfectly, and they were close enough you could easily shoot fast enough. I really liked being able to shoot the swinger at two points
  19. Awesome match, thanks to all who helped make this happen! If you were shooting in the Phoenix Trinity squad on saturday, here are the pictures I was taking of us. They arent done uploading yet but most are up. Depending on where you were in the shooting order in relation to me, I may have gotten more or less of you. Enjoy! https://www.flickr.com/photos/russellhjoy/sets/72157644789191806/
  20. Dillon dies are fine, you don't need special dies. I use redding but I've used dillon and there is very little difference. The reddings are nice because they are much easier to adjust but also way more expensive. Get whatever you can find a good deal on, they will work for all of your guns in 40. All I buy is once fired brass, it's fine, never an issue. ever. You may or may not notice a difference between 185s and 200s. It will depend on the powder you use. FMJs are much more expensive and won't make your gun as dirty, probably not worth the money. Also, no one really makes a reasonably priced 200fmj. Personally, I don't like the feel of the FMJs. I would suggest the 200s. Bayou has the highest quality moly coat in my opinion but I prefer BBIs, they have more like a poly coat. I've never used their 200s but I love their 165s and I can only assume they use the same coating. Lube ring doesn't matter as long as you don't crimp too close to it. The 200s like being loaded as long as possible, they felt the best for me at ~1.215 with 4.4wst
  21. The results for limited are still incorrect for Chris stump stage 8. There was a mix up on the nook during stage 9. Stage 9 was accidentally input into nook 8 and after adding the scoring to the correct nook stage(9) the data was never deleted so when the nooks were sync'd it may have used the newest data. **update** just got in contact with Scot and the issues with the nooks is being sorted out. So if you had an error, don't worry they are on it.
  22. Is there a way to get in contact with the stats officer? There is a problem with the scoring on one of my stages.
  23. No danger, may not be the most efficient burn, but it will be fine.
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