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  1. FTP Customers, We became aware earlier this week that the U.S post office customs branch (our optics are shipped from Canada) is experiencing large delays due to the Covid 19 epidemic. They are short staffed, facing all kinds of restrictions and overwhelmed with packages as people turned to ordering online instead of brick and mortar stores. We spoke with them on Tuesday and were told that all service guarantees are void and they cannot provide any updates on a particular package and the only thing anyone can do is wait. If your package appears to be stuck in Chicago ISC, it was scanned and waiting for customs release. We are working with another courier that will be able to provide more timely shipping options starting next week but in the mean time, anything that has already shipped may encounter large delays and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We will extend your warranty by whatever extra time it takes for you to receive your shipment and will waive any restocking fees on new, uninstalled dots if you should decide to purchase something else instead of waiting. We will also pay your return shipping cost via the post office if you buy something else. I can only tell you that the dots are worth the wait and hope you give them a chance Thank you. Phil @ FTP
  2. You would need to find someone who makes a mounting plate that will work with a Sig Romeo 3. I am not sure if that exists yet but someone else may know.
  3. The Internet is full of trolls which is why a lot of companies don't post. We try to provide the best service possible and answer questions but encourage people to email us directly if you want a quick response.
  4. We do not offer refunds on any product that has been installed. If you wish to return a new/uninstalled product, you can contact us and we work to address your concerns. The glass is not covered under warranty. It is a very high quality glass and is extremely unlike to crack unless dropped or impacted by a richochet or debris. There is no way we could cover glass breakage under warranty and maintain our current price level which is considerably less than our main competitors.
  5. We have 6 and 8 MOA FTP Optics Alpha 3's in stock and all the feedback we have received has been very positive.
  6. Hi Guys, The optics ship form Canada via the post office. They go from Canada Post to the U.S post so your tracking # will work on both the USPSA www.usps.com or Canada Post www.canadapost.ca . Due to the Corona virus, all couriers including the post office are experiencing delays that have affected the normal delivery times. We appreciate your patience and once the economy fully opens again, we would expect shipping times to go back to normal (7-10 days). Please note that although some people may have ordered a few months ago, the 8 MOA dots were on back order and did ship until a few weeks ago. All customers were notified of the delay and given the option to wait or cancel. We currently have the 8 MOA and 6 MOA in stock but they are selling quickly and we may not be able to get another order for quite some time as our manufacturer in Japan has been dramatically affected by the Corona virus as well. If you have ordered and have any questions about your order, please contact us via email at sales@fasttoys.net or by phone at 877-955-4896. That is the best way to ensure you will receive prompt customer service rather than posting on message forums. Thanks again for your patience and we appreciate your business.
  7. If the plate puts the optic flush on top of the slide, then it shouldn't make any difference if the optic is a little longer as the optic just sticks a littler further forward.
  8. Thanks for all the positive feedback. We find that most people comment on how great the dot brightness is and the very high quality glass and soft touch buttons. Although our optic is very similar to the Max, we made two very important programming changes specifically for competition shooters: 1. No wasted illumination levels for night use. That means you get more usable levels for what most of us do which is competition shooting shooting outdoors. 2. Availability of 8 MOA dot. A larger dot is easier to find in bright sunlight. Although the 6 MOA is adequate and most people will not feel it hinders them in any way, I just prefer the extra pop of the 8 dot personally. 3. Our on feature just requires a touch of either button to turn the dot on instantly at the last illumination level. The Max requires you to hold down the buttons for a few seconds to turns it on. That would be an ETERNITY at the line if you forgot to turn your dot on. 6 and 8 MOA are in stock and ready to ship. Just hop over to our web site to place an order. All our optics come with a picantiny mount including in the box and we optionally have open gun mounts in the standard C-More pattern available.
  9. If you are open to other brands, our FTP open gun optic mount will work with the Alpha 3, RTS2 and the Sig Romeo Max and Max XL dots and have an integrated blast shield :)
  10. All back orders have been filled. If anyone wants a 6 or 8 MOA Alpha 3, they are in stock
  11. All back orders have been filled. If anyone wants a 6 or 8 MOA Alpha 3, they are in stock
  12. These finally arrived and we will be shipping all back orders early next week and then new orders after that. If you want one, you can order online at our web site
  13. These finally arrived and we will be shipping all back orders early next week and then new orders after that. If you want one, you can order online at our web site :)
  14. You are talking about a dovetail mount or installing on a plate that came with the gun? If someone makes an aftermarket dovetail mount that allows an RTS-2 to fit, then yes it should install no problem. As far as plates that came with guns, I am not aware of any manufacturer that supplied plates that work with an RTS-2. For optics ready guns where the slide is machined specifically for an optic, I am not aware of any factory gun that that would come ready to mount an RTS-2 or the Alpha 3. Please note that the Alpha 3 is longer than an RTS-2 (just like the Sig Max) so a recessed slide mount would require machine work by a qualified gunsmith.
  15. Battery life is a complicated issues so I will give you the manufacturer rating, my experience and my recommendations: 1. Manufacturer rated battery life : Battery Life: 320 hours at brightness position 3 at 10 degrees C 2. Combination of practice, dry fire and screwing around with no particular purpose: a few months 3. What we recommend: ALWAYS change to a new battery before a match you care about. You want to use a quality brand (Energizer, Duracell etc) and never buy a cheap dollar store battery. A good battery will be 3.3-3.4 volts out of the package. A crappy battery might not be 3.0 volts out of the package. The optics will strobe (the low battery warning at 2.8 volts). If you want to be extra careful, change the battery each day during a multi day match. Considering how cheap batteries are the relationship between dot brightness and battery voltage, there is no reason to not take this precaution. You spent a lot of money to go to match so why cheap out a a dollar or two on a good battery each day. Your old batteries can be used for practice. Our dots are one of the brightest on the market so yes, they are harder on batteries but not by an unreasonable amount. Nobody uses the dot at the low brightness levels the manufacturers quote unless you only shoot indoors. Most people who shoot outdoors are into the upper 40 % of the settings. We do have a built in motion sensor that turns the dot offer after a period of no movement so that really helps too. We put all this in the manual (unlike other manufacturers that really tell you very little) so you don't have to remember any of this and we do come on these forums to offer advice and support. However, if you want a quicker response, please send us an email or give us a call. This is not the only media site we support and phone calls and emails come before forums in our customer service plan Have any broken? Yes. We have had 4 come back for warranty and all were or will be replaced with new units. One didn't hold zero, one had something happen to an emitter that made it less bright than when it was new out of the box (but still usable), one a customer dropped (not the fault of the unit itself) and the last one had the up button fail so the brightness could not be adjusted. We find are finding that like most optics, if something was wrong from the factory, they fail very quickly (within a thousand rounds). Once they make it past that point, they are usually good. With that being said, the failure rate is extremely low. My own personal unit has about 40,000 rounds on it out of my 9 major open gun.
  16. No problem. We do have a few independent reviewers that have been testing the optics and have given really great reviews but their round counts are not that high yet to comment beyond initial testing and impressions compared to other optics they have tested. Considering the manufacturer is the same as the Sig Romeo 3 Max, we would expect a similar level of performance and durability given the shared parts.
  17. The only "reports" we get are from local shooters whom I know personally and have run tens of thousands of rounds on their production optics guns without issue. One was the Canadian National champion. Other than that, nobody reports anything to us but if there was an issue, I am sure we would get lots of complaints and you would see them on the internet as well. We do offer the 30 month warranty should something happen of course.
  18. Due to the Corona virus and staff shortages at customs, our shipment was held up for 2 weeks in the customs warehouse and was just released so we should have it Monday or Tuesday and then will ship all back orders in the sequence they came in. We will also have lots of 8 MOA and 6 MOA units ready to sell for new orders Now if only the range was open so we could all go shoot! I am sad that likely so many matches I had planned to attend will likely be cancelled.
  19. We have a few of the FTP Alpha 2 8 MOA red dots on clearance. They are the same as the RTS-2 V4 chipset and made in the same factory. We will only be stocking the Alpha 3's after this but these will still come with a 1 year warranty. These also come with the picantiny rail mount. $ 265.00 shipped within the continental U.S.A First come first serve
  20. So you just joined BE forums and your first post is to criticize our product which you have never tried nor experienced our warranty process? I am sure there is no ulterior motive there at all! Good luck in the shooting sports.
  21. It appears that Sig has their various optics made by several manufacturers which is why they have not standardized on a mounting pattern or plate. Our optic is made by the same manufacturer that makes the Sig Romeo 3 Max but I don't believe Sig offers a direct mount for that optic either! We can only guess at the inner workings of Sig and how they make decisions for their products.
  22. The choice of 6 vs 8 MOA is a personal one. We sell about 40 % 6 MOA to 60 % 8 MOA. The higher level competitors often seem to chose the 6 MOA as they perceive an advantage in accuracy for long range difficult shots without losing effectiveness in the bright sun. This also stems from the sliderides many of them ran in 6 MOA so they are used to that dot size. Personally, being a lonely Master class shooter, I like the 8 MOA as I feel I can easily make any shot I have ever seen in a match and the little extra dot brightness is appreciated in AZ where I often shoot under the desert sun. You will not go wrong with either.
  23. Great. You can order here: http://fasttoys.net/shop/FTP-Optics-Alpha-3-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sight/ I personally like the 8 MOA as it is a little brighter than the 6 for shooting under the desert sun. We will have the 8 MOA's back in stock in 7-10 days. The 6 MOA's are in stock and ready to ship :)
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