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  1. Shipping today :) Please post some feedback once received.
  2. What brand is only lasting 6K on an open gun? That is like 2-3 months of shooting for me.
  3. I've been running one on my open gun for about a year now and have had zero issues. I have about 30-40K rounds on it.
  4. We will try and get a pick up an RTS2 and Alpha Optic 3 side by side so you can view the overhang.
  5. Sorry but we have no way to know. It would depend if there is enough room at the front of the slot to accommodate the extra length of the Alpha Optics 3. Do you have a picture of it with an RTS2 mounted and you could see if there is extra room?
  6. Same as RTS2 but they are slightly longer in the front so if you have a blast shield, it may need to be cut for clearance.
  7. They are 379.00 USD right now: http://fasttoys.net/shop/FTP-Optics-Alpha-3-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sight/
  8. Just a quick note to let you all know that we should have the Alpha 3 back in stock late next week. It's an AWESOME sight with glass size very similar to the SRO at a much better price. You will find the Max also incorporates many of the same features but will retail a lot higher. We also have a USPSA GM and Master offering for some limited individuals that would be willing to help promote our optics. If you are interested, please contact us at sales@fasttoys.net
  9. Just a quick note to let you all know that we should have the Alpha 3 back in stock late next week. It's an AWESOME sight with glass size very similar to the SRO at a much better price.
  10. There are pictures in this thread that show the Alpha Optics 2 (which is identical in size to the RT2) compared to the Alpha Optics 3. You can easily see the window is bigger especially in the top area which is where you working with the dot most of the time.
  11. I have been running one on my open gun for the past 9 months. It has ran perfectly and the larger window and brighter dot are very noticeable. We just got approval to ship these to the U.S in the spring and we only had a few units left after that so not many people in the U.S will have one right now. There are some being run on Open guns in Canada and so far everyone has been happy. We should have them back in stock next month!
  12. Personally I prefer the 8 MOA for exactly the reason you mentioned about being more visible in bright sunlight. However, you do give up a tiny bit in accuracy on line range partials etc. It is definitely a bit of personal preference. The glass we use also has a higher light transmission rate than the RTS2 glass.
  13. Here is the FTP Optics Alpha 3 on the Production Optics Canadian Champion’s Shadow. He previously ran an RTS2 and loves how the larger window on our sight makes the dot easier to track under recoil. He didn’t even have to change the mount.
  14. I would not personally use one but that is not to say that you shouldn't. They help to prevent battering of the frame but at the cost of shortening the stroke of the gun and introducing another possible failure point (especially the rubber shock buffs).
  15. I love my PT Evo. It takes a while to get used to so expect some band aids from dry fire until you get used to it!
  16. I don't think you will find many people running shock buffs on their open guns. They are short stroking the gun and introducing a possible failure point into the system. The compensator on an open gun bleeds off a lot of energy that would be going into the slide compared to a non compensated gun. That is why you can run such a light recoil spring in the first place.
  17. Hello B.E members! We will be getting our next shipment of FTP Optics Alpha 3 Red Dots in July and I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce this optic to you and some of it's features in our own thread. Since we are a new sponsor, some of you may not be familiar with it or my company. My company is called FTP Shooting Sports and it is a division of Fast Toys. We are very passionate about our products and have been in business since 1998. We started as a performance car and truck parts company and branched out into competition shooting supplies about 6 years ago. Our business model has always been to provide quality products at reasonable prices, honestly and excellent customer service. I am the owner (Phillip Reddy) and I currently compete in the USPSA and IPSC Open Division in both the U.S.A and Canada. We have always actively participated in forums online to provide customer information, make new friends and expand the community. You can also find lots of posts on our social media accounts on Facebook & Instagram. I invite you to ask any questions you may have in this thread and we will be happy to answer them. We know there are a lot of choices on the market and we feel our optic has many benefits and the price point is very reasonable. Also, if you would like to pre-order a sight, you can contact us at sales@fasttoys.net or simply order one on the web site. We will be offering free shipping in the continental U.S as well. You can order here: http://fasttoys.net/ca/FTP-Optics-Alpha-3-Red-Dot-Reflex-Sight/ FTP Optics Alpha 3 Red Dot Reflex Sight The FTP Optics Alpha 3 Red Dot Reflex Sight is a competition grade optic built to exacting standards with one of the largest viewing windows on the market. Constructed of high grade aluminum, the optic weighs a scant 41.5 g including the battery. It is waterproof to 2 m and shockproof to 1000 G! FTP Optics are made by the leading manufacturer in the industry that also produce most of the name brand optics you are familiar with. There is no loss of quality, precision, product testing or durability. You can be assured of fantastic performance without inflated prices. Featuring a 10 position manually operated soft touch brightness switches, you can set the dot intensity to match your shooting environment. The optic remembers the last brightness intensity and will turn back on at the same level. The FTP Optics Alpha uses a standard and easy to find CR2032 battery which can be changed without dismounting the optic or re-zeroing. The latest industry electronics feature the ON start circuitry board which assures the sight will not turn off while shooting. A low battery indicator is also programmed on to the circuitry board to notify the user when the battery is low. Lens The lens features a optically clearer G-Coat that improves clarity and light transmission while offering superior anti-reflective capablities. The lens will appear more clear with less of a blue tone than many of our competitors. The lens is parallax free at 70m. The lens itself is one of the largest in the micro red dot industry which is a huge benefit to competition shooters. The shape of the lens also leads itself to me more useful for tracking the dot under recoil. Motion Technology An exciting feature of the FTP Optics Alpha 3 is the incorporation of a motion sensor that will turn off the optic after 3 minutes if no motion is detected. The same sensor will turn the optic back on as soon as motion is detected at the last brightness level. This is a great feature to help extend battery life! Elevation & Windage Adjustments Elevation and windage adjustments are made easily with a click adjustment system that requires no locking screw. The FTP Optics 3 features a wider adjustment range than many micro red dots to allow you to install on a wider variety of firearms. Dot Size Dot size is extremely important to competitors for fast target acquisition and visibility in sun light. The FTP Optics Alpha 3 is available with big and bright 6 and 8 MOA dot sizes! Many other micro red dots on the market are suited to more tactical operations and feature dots that are too small to be optimal for competition shooting. The advantage goes to FTP! Mounting: The FTP Alpha Optic 3 will install on standard mounts used for the RTS2TM and Romeo 3 TM. Due to the slighty longer length, you may need to use a mount that does not incorporate a blast shield or modify the mount itself for clearance. The optic includes a removable Picatinny rail mount or can be used in direct mounting application popular on most competition firearms. Specifications: Dimensions: (LxWxH): 56.5 x 29 x 32.5 mm Sight Window: 26 x 21.5mm Elevation Adjustment Range: 145 MOA @ 100m Windage Adjustment Range : 95 MOA @ 100m Glass: Anti-reflective, G-Coat multi-layered coated glass lens is parallax free with 97 % light transmission Weight: 41.5 g Battery Life: 320 hours at brightness position 3 at 10 degrees C
  18. Shooting 9mm minor, it would last forever in the TS frame. Shooting 9mm major is a whole other ball game. I spent a lot of time investigating the CM when I started having troubles and you can find story after story about people all leaving the platform for the same reason. The majority of the people that rave about the CM all have low round counts.
  19. There is a lot more energy in a 9 major open gun than a 40 S&W limited gun. I haven't hear of many issues with the TS and lots of people shoot them here so they seem reliable. 10K rounds for a competitor is nothing to be honest. When you start shooting 20-50K rounds a year, the reliability goes way down. They did add a little more material the the barrel where they were breaking but is a very tiny amount and does nothing for slide stop or frame breakage. Also, many guns had to have some of that new material removed of the slide would not go into battery after installation (I faced that too). If the beefed up the frame, improved the barrel design and made parts more readily available, it would be a fantastic gun. I loved the gun but it didn't love me back!
  20. The frame cracks on the right hand side through the little block that the slide stop goes through. The material there just seems too thin. Unlike the 1911 where the barrel pivots on the barrel link, the CZ design has the slide stop and barrel taking a huge hit every time it comes out of battery. Over time, this breaks slide stops but it also breaks barrels and frames. I have the CZ in slow motion and it cycles almost twice as fast as a 1911. That is a lot of energy and something has to give. I even had a gun smith try to lengthen the stroke of the CZ to slow things down but it didn't help much. I also tried DPM type systems. The gun is great for people that do not do high rounds counts but for a serious competitor, I would not endorse the reliability. I also talked to people on the CZ shooting team and people from the CZ factory before giving up on the platform. I liked it a lot but now I have moved to the 2011 platform and gotten used to it
  21. I shot a Czechmate for many years so I will pass along my experience: Pros: Runs out of the box except magazines require tuning One of the best factory triggers Heavy gun so recoil is very light Reasonable pricing Cons: Very limited parts availability (tough to find something in stock if it breaks, slow warranty service) Breaks from heavy use (slide stops, barrel under lug cracks, frame cracks) I tried everything imaginable to make the Czechmate reliable but in the end, it always let me down (especially before big matches). I broke 4-5 barrels, many slide stops and one frame where the slide stop goes through. The design they use just is not beefy enough to handle major rounds. The barrel slams the slide stop when it comes out of battery and this prolonged beating eventually breaks slide stops and barrels. After a long time, the frame also cracks where the slide stop goes through. They seem to be good to about 10 K rounds but after that, everything went down hill. There is a reason 99 % of people run 2011 open guns.
  22. The next batch of Alpha 3's should be here in July. If you want to be on the waiting list to get one, just email us your name, address and phone # along with the dot size you want.
  23. FTP has worked with Ransom International and we now have an insert available for the PT Evo Grip! Now people with these types of grips can use the Ransom rest for load development etc. If you need an insert or a whole Ransom rest, just give us a call and we would be happy to help you out! Phil @ FTP
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