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  1. Just took my new G34 to the range for the first time. Shoots good, I might want to change the sights out. It seems to be shooting high form POA. But overall very good.
  2. I would buy that one but then I would have to give up my deposit. With shipping it is the same price as the 24" I have on order
  3. That looks good. What did you use to cut the foam?
  4. Must be nice I had one ordered for me the first week of Feb and I'm still waiting.
  5. That looks great. I'm trying to get started in 3gun and how I'm going to load the sg is my only decision I have left to make, if the sg I ordered ever shows up. Will you be making these in smaller units?
  6. I've been waiting since late January for one I ordered from a LGS in MD. They tell me they haven't heard anything about it.
  7. Good shooting! My wife and I went up and watched most of the event. Everybody did great, but D. Horner ran away with it.
  8. A lot of places put the charge on to make sure its a good card and then it comes off tell they ship it out.
  9. You can't change the lenght of the gas tube. If the barrel is made for a rifle lenght gas tube then that's what you have to use.
  10. CDNN had some 30rd for $29 and some 40rd for $29. I ordered some this morning.
  11. Got an email at 1230 from gallery of guns saying they had them in stock for $730. Buy the time I looked at it (130) they were sold out.
  12. I just put that same one on my 3gun build, and I like it a lot. Just a little hint, use some dish soap when you put the foam over the buffer tube, makes it much easier.
  13. One of the LGS I visit to often near me ordered me one last week. Not sure when it will be in, but he said he found someone to order from at SHOT. So I guess we will see. $650 out the door.
  14. Thanks guy! I went and watched the 3 Gun Nation FNH last year at my local range. So im going to try and do the local matches there.
  15. This my first build, I hope touse it for 3gun starting this year. PSA stripped upper & lower DPMS 18" barrel & lpk w/ JP springs ACE stock Joe Bobs premium BCG miculek comp Midwest Industries 15" ff gen2 handgaurd I also have a G34 to use and have a 930 JM on order. I'm still getting my gear together, but this is my start.
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