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  1. Heat gun? If you're dealing with loctite, especially Red 271, a propane is required. Hell, I've used MAP GAS on gas block set screws and made short of back them out.
  2. Good on you. A 1/2" drive breaker bar with 2 to 3 feet of handle will give you easy leverage and control from a an overzealous torqued nut and heat helps.
  3. Yeah, sounds like a plan. Would've preferred a drop in, but seems to be a recurring theme with SA and their titanium coupled with a heavy stock spring.
  4. Would guys happen to know the tip size of your original firing pin?
  5. Coming into the light primer strike issue with my SA 1911 loaded 9mm. Inspected my primer hits and definitely light. Did some searching on this forum and came up with ed brown #826, but it's listed as having a .071" tip. Just measured the tip on the titanium firing pin and it's at .063". Will the #826 work in the loaded 9mm replacing the .063" firing pin? What firing pin do you suggest as a drop in? Thanks!!!!
  6. Ah0386

    Good 50 round drill

    Going try some of these drills.
  7. Can you play the drums? I guess I don't really count, but refer to my feel and sound back in my drumming days. Kinda like drum rudiments based on how many shots. You really don't count drumming just go by feel and sound. Works for me and don't have to think.
  8. If you're military/ leo/ reservist of any branch, you qualify for special pricing for Springfield weapons. Got me a nice 1911 Springfield A1 target 9mm for around 820, new! Leaps and bounds over my glock 34 with a vanek trigger. Love it,
  9. Is the dawson ice requiring fitting or is it drop in Mod on springfield?
  10. Nice profile there, would this be legal for IDPA? Looking forward to seeing that!
  11. What would you recommend for this 1911 newb, a magwell clip or mainspring housing assembly? Or does it matter? What do you suggest for brand? Looking to keep this as an IDPA only gun. Am I wasting my time with the clip?
  12. Been trying for weeks to get a response on the status of a replacement jager since I had one fail on me on during a match. Apparently emails are proving to be not succesful and firgured I'd get response here. Anyone else having an issue on availability? If a vendor is back ordered due to demand, I get it, but a lil' communication can go long way though.
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