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  1. I've used multiple drop in trigger kits in my competition Glocks and have spend a considerable amount of money trying to find the best kit for competing in USPSA and IDPA. I've tried the big name companies like Glockworx and Vanek as well as multiple others. DK Custom is the best trigger kit I have ever tried and will ever use in my Glocks. I've won multiple State, Division, and high overall at major matches using a DK Custom Trigger. I highly recommend using their trigger.
  2. DK Custom Triggers is as far as you need to look.
  3. I agree with noximus. I compete regularly in uspsa/idpa and DK Custom trigger kit is all I use. I've tried all the big names and his kit is is the best I've used.
  4. prattj50

    Glock 35

    At minimum I'd get the DK Custom Trigger drop in kit, or if money is tight at least the DK trigger bar and If you are wanting to shoot lead bullets an aftermarket barrel (I prefer Stormlake) Jason Pratt IDPA: A45403 USPSA: A78020
  5. You can't go wrong using the DK Custom Trigger.
  6. For competition the best option in my opinion would be the Gen 3 Glock. You are able to tune your pistol with the right recoil spring and still be SSP legal. And hands down the best trigger I've ever used in a Glock is the custom drop in trigger made by DK Custom Triggers. I've used and tried most of the top names out there and that's the only one I use for all my major matches. Jason Pratt IDPA:A45403 USPSA:A78020
  7. I prefer a gen 3 myself due to having the ability to tune the pistol with the right spring without using the gen 4 adapter. Also try checking out the DK Custom Trigger drop in trigger kit and look at the grip work he does. It's honestly the best trigger for a Glock I have ever used. I would not shoot a major match without it. Jason Pratt IDPA: A45403 USPSA: A78020
  8. 1. DK Custom trigger kit and DK stipple job (if limited gun only) 2. I prefer Sevigny Rear with Dawson fiber front 3. Stormlake barrel 4. Jager extended guide rod (standard length if you are planning to shoot SSP) 5. Glockworx blue spring for minor 6. Dawson mag well if you want to use for idpa. Jason Pratt IDPA: A45403 USPSA: A78020
  9. I believe the trigger kit he is talking about is made by Dk Custom At www.glockcustomtriggers.com It is the best glock trigger I have ever owned and I have tried the top brands. It's the only trigger i will run in my matches run in my matches. If you buy it you will not be disappointed. Jason Pratt IDPA: A45403 USPSA: A78020
  10. ty rob. im shooting the nc state match this sat. and would like to use my jager guide rod. i'll prob stick to my plastic captured unless I can be sure its legal. thanks again
  11. According to the new IDPA rule book are non captured steel guide rods or captured steel guide rods now legal to use in SSP division? I could not find in the new rule book where it is. Thank you
  12. mark you would be amazed at what you could do with a tractor tire if you have the space. by flipping it , dragging it and attaching a rope to it and pulling it gives you a great cardio workout and a very strong core. by comming up with a routine and adding some plyometric exercises you will get results you could see and apply to your shooting sport. i've been doing it for awhile and its greatly improved my flexability and speed. create your own routine and do it 3 times a week...
  13. crossfit + plyometrics = explosive speed and an improved quality of life
  14. Is STI USPSA (single stack) legal in idpa if recoil master is removed
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