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  1. Heh, that would be worth shooting just based on the name. You should get a free slot just for that. Truly unfortunate, it was fun shooting a true IPSC sanctioned shotgun event in the USA. Wish Canada could host it but I believe their laws present issues for Open if I remember correctly.
  2. Awesome match with some monster stages, awesome venue and great shooting sports expo. Saw tons of people going through the events/side stages and demos all day Saturday and the TV and radio coverage was excellent to boot.
  3. Some sponsorship updates, things are looking very good! - KEL-TEC - Kriss / Vector - YHM - Seekins Precision - FNH USA - Freedom Munitions - X-Treme Bullets - HexMag - MOA - Remington / AAC / Bushmaster - Vortex Optics - MAGPUL - HiViz Shooting Systems - TandemKross - Red Lion Precision Rules here: http://atlanta3gun.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Sub-Gun-Rules-6.5.15.pdf Sign up here: http://atlanta3gun.com/?page_id=1099 The match is close to full, if your thinking about coming to ATL in December (great weather that time of year) don't delay!
  4. Rules are posted here: http://atlanta3gun.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Sub-Gun-Rules-6.5.15.pdf More good things coming, get your apps in and get ready for some fun in December in Atlanta!
  5. Just confirmed Noveske will be sending 3 complete nice projectile delivery packages for the table. This match just continues to grow each year and its because it really is the most fun match of the year.
  6. Awesome match, awesome venue, awesome people, awesome stages, awesome RO's, awesome MD, awesome Stats crew, awesome RM, awesome scheduling and awesome prize table. Lots of awesome for a one gun match (and the best gun in my opinion). If this match isn't on your 2016 calendar it should be. That's all there is to it. I just wish they would bring back the stage where we got to hit a dummy with a stick before shooting circa the 2012 Nordic Shotgun Championship.
  7. Good news, the crew at OpticsPlanet.com will be involved with this event, hopefully that means some nice things for the prize table also
  8. Yes sir. Saturday all day 12/12/15 and half day 12/13/15. 12/13/15 is a flow over day should we have weather issues on 12/12/15 as well.
  9. On behalf of X-Treme Bullets & Freedom Munitions I want to thank you all for coming to the match and supporting it, by spending your time shooting the event. Kurt, Jeremy, all the RO's, Copperhead, everyone who supported the event via sponsorship, you made the match great. I know we can't wait for next years match, and I imagine it will see bigger support, at least from the X-Treme Bullets and Freedom Munitions camp. Again, thank you all for coming out, we would love to make this the best match in the State of Texas!
  10. You have good taste in literature for sure. Most missed that one.
  11. Another new supporter of the Armalite 3 Man 3 Gun Championships just came on board: HexMag is going to be providing plenty of mags for everyone on the prize table. Check them out here: www.HexMag.com
  12. I'd love to shoot one, if only I could stop laughing. That "Death Star" is no joke. Almost always a different presentation. Kalani and I spent a lot of time on stage 1. Mainly that target. Paid off. Vid of Jansen and said "Death Star" That star did some damage this past weekend.
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