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  1. Thank-you for the feedback I ended up getting some DG Bullets Sized to .356. I haven't got a chance to work up any loads yet but I am certainly looking forward to it. So far the DG Bullets look great and I will post some feedback once I get some loads worked up.
  2. So that sounds like I would be better off going with one of the coated bullets that measure in at .356 since it will primarily be shot through my Glock 17 and Glock 34? Blue Bullets I believe are .355?
  3. I just wanted to say thank-you guys for all of your insights. It sounds like RJH and AHI hit the nail on the head that experiences vary from Glock to Glock. I definitely want to try them because of their availability, pricing and I've heard very good results on accuracy. I would opt for a few aftermarket barrels but that is just not in the cards right now. Honestly I just really want to get back out on the range and work on my skills without having to worry about running out of ammo.
  4. I have always reloaded jacket and plated bullets for .40 and .45 ACP. I am now adding .9mm to the mix and exploring coated bullets for all 3 calibers. Mainly these will be for target practice, defensive training and maybe some competitions at some point. I will be shooting the appropriate caliber through my Glock 17, 19, 22, 34 and 41 all with stock barrels. Also in my HK VP-9, my Ruger SR1911 and Sig 1911 Tacops, P320, P226 and P229 again all with stock barrels. Specifically the Glock and HK have the polygonal rifling and this is where my confusion comes in. I have found on the websites for A
  5. Hi Joe, Thank you for your insights and that is what I have now heard and/or read a few times. It makes sense that with different length cases that would be a problem. So being that with my pistol rounds I am definitely using range brass and not going to trim and sort I will probably just stick with my current setup of seating and crimping separately with my Dillon Dies. I have a real nice skylight in my setup and can see in my cases but a few of the loads I like the best are fairly close to max such as 4.9 with a max of 5.3. As I age and my eyes grow weary, while I have no doubt I would
  6. Thank-you guys you bring up some great points. I am leaning towards just giving it a try and see as I would like the added safety of a powder check and I always case gauge everything anyways. Currently I use mostly plated bullets but will probably start transitioning over to coated as the pricing is better. I have some Blue Bullets to try in .40 S&W. I also see on Blacks Bullets where they recommend separate seating and crimping. 1. We recommend separate seating and crimping dies. Combo dies can be used as long as it is verified that the coating is not damaged in the process.
  7. Yes it is just a Lee seat/crimp die. I have always loaded with a separate seat and crimp die. So I guess what I am asking is am I giving up anything with pistol rounds by combining seat/crimp into one station? Will there be any detectable difference in quality, consistency, standard deviation, OAL? Also since I have no experience with seating and crimping together whose die do you recommend?
  8. Yes now that you mention it me too. I just started using Blue Bullets and plan on trying some Blacks.
  9. So I have been loading on my Dillon 550b for about 7 years now. Mostly .40 and .45 and recently .9mm. So with that said I have always been very happy with my 550, it’s a great machine and has pumped out thousands and thousands of trouble free rounds. But the one thing I have always wanted to add is a powder check and lacking a 5th station that is problematic. Now I have never had a squib or a double charge on it yet because I always visually check, knock on wood, but would still like the added insurance of a powder check. So I was checking out the Double Alpha Academy Two in One Seater / Crimp
  10. I have been fighting this same frustrating battle and got some improvement fiddling with the cotter pin but will try the paper clip fix tomorrow. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you very much Dave33 and very nice shooting my friend. By the way I love Wilmington we are usually visit a couple times every year. The family has a place on Oak Island.
  12. Ok guys enough of you have commented so I am going to try some of .45 cal bullets. I will be shooting them from my Ruger SR1911 and my Glock 41. I usually use 230 gr RN but I am open to trying something different. So what have you found to be the most accurate 45 bullet in the Xtreme lineup? Thank you
  13. I would definitely like to give them a try does anyone know if they offer and free samples? Trying to decide if I want to try the 180's or 165's
  14. How does Rainier compare to Xtreme? I haven't tried any Xtreme but they certainly seem to be gaining popularity on here after some initially bad reviews? Please do report back on the Bayou Bullets as I have yet to try any of the "coated" bullets but would certainly be open to them. Thank you
  15. I will definitely have to try some MGs at the case pricing. How are MG's vs Hornady?
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