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  1. I removed the hole all the way down to the vertical pin and I use green loctite to hold it in.
  2. Here you go. This is the way the new Beretta 1301 comp pro should have been released IMO. Although the stock is very nice and makes the gun extremely soft I felt like they missed opportunity to evolve this gun.
  3. Problem solved. My stock shell latch is so over sprung and the catch it so sharp that it was digging into the back of the shell. So when you press the release the shell would never release onto the lifter. I removed my old catch which also looks like I did some contouring on. Now the gun to functions.
  4. The New gun is nothing special in fact imo its a step backwards save some money and buy the older gun. That's my only input..
  5. Jp’s Stuff is top notch I like the fact that it’s a system. The bolt is what you’d expect from only the finest machining equipment. I’m happy with it.
  6. I just installed the JP short stroke bolt and buffer in my tron feels awesome.
  7. I can shoot my Limited Minor load from my limcat wildcat through the Tron. I did have Limcat ream the barrel. I’m just shooting the pistol load through the tron. 1.1420 n320 @ 4.2 Montana Gold 124 JHP the are 140 pf
  8. My handguard is from lancer systems at first I shot eley force now it eats anything Without Issues. with a hiperfire I have had zero issues
  9. It is a Tron @Bwillis. Mine is most likely a one off. I think the version that Max Leograndis and Scott Greene are shooting is a heavier flatter shooting gun and the better route to go anyway.
  10. Really enjoying this gun has ran flawless through 2000 rds.
  11. So I purchased a case of Federal SPP and the case is labeled SPP and the sleeve that holds the 1000 says SPP. However, the individual sleeves that hold the 100 primers say LPP. Anyone ever run into this before? Are large and small primers that much different in size were you could pick them up in the primer tube for a 1050 ?
  12. 160 power factor factory loads
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