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  1. My handguard is from lancer systems at first I shot eley force now it eats anything Without Issues. with a hiperfire I have had zero issues
  2. It is a Tron @Bwillis. Mine is most likely a one off. I think the version that Max Leograndis and Scott Greene are shooting is a heavier flatter shooting gun and the better route to go anyway.
  3. Really enjoying this gun has ran flawless through 2000 rds.
  4. So I purchased a case of Federal SPP and the case is labeled SPP and the sleeve that holds the 1000 says SPP. However, the individual sleeves that hold the 100 primers say LPP. Anyone ever run into this before? Are large and small primers that much different in size were you could pick them up in the primer tube for a 1050 ?
  5. 160 power factor factory loads
  6. I haven’t seen one for sale separately but I think they would consider it especially since there products line has taken off with the magwells grips and safety’s. however I’d imagine it would be 800 bucks it looks like there would be quite a bit of machine time to make this break
  7. oh yeah I didn’t take any offense.
  8. Im fortunate I get to work a lot of hours I have clocked 370 hours some months
  9. Here is Mine, My theme was to build A Carbon Cat not the official build or something that will be offered as the base Tron is most likely a softer shooting gun as mine while very flat is super light. I had smoke composites make a custom carbon handguard to go with the carbon stock and a 10inch Carbon BSF barrel pinned to the 6inch Tron Titanium muzzle break. I flew out out to pick it up on Saturday night flew back Sunday morning made 500 rds of ammo. The gun ran flawless, the load details are in the description box on YouTube.
  10. Here is a little test I did this weekend wanted to know others opinions either here or on the YouTube page. What light are are you all running ?
  11. I have not, I do know several guys that run it on a non cobalt rifle. everyone seems to like it. it is a very brutal brake
  12. There is no buffer needed In the JP .22 I did polish the feed ramp in mine. I have roughly 30k Rounds through mine.
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