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  1. Good to know pretty much everyone that I have spoke with over the weekend had major concerns with the powder system on this press. I’m starting to consider holding onto the 1050. What setup are you running. ?
  2. Quote came back with the whole Shabang for 6900. I guess sell my 1050 and the puts me right in the 5500 range anything I should add or remove I was going to skip all the additional accessories would you swap out the powder measure ? For the digital?
  3. Hello all, I was looking into ordering an Evo Pro ASAP. This will be used to load 9mm. Ideally id like to be in around 5500$ to start. And would prefer not to have to buy anything twice so willing to sacrifice speed FOR consistency and safety to start. On the other hand I’d also like the press to be adjustable with regards to the dies. And any options that will speed up the initial bring up. Thank you, looking forward to any input or recommendations
  4. What did you come up with. I’m also ordering a evo pro today
  5. This is at 139 PF I’d like to drop down to 132-135 PF .2 grains reduction of powder sounds safe to get into that range ? Also so how much neck tension should I have? If I push a loaded case into my loading bench I definitely can get the OAL to change with firm thumb pressure if I crimp more the die sticks and separates the case. Trying to find a happy medium
  6. I was able to work up 100 Rounds finally N320 4.5 grains 1.1350 oal without any case separation 115 grain Montana Gold JHP 1213 FPS 5 shot Avg. Out of a 10.5 inch bsf carbon barrel.
  7. Yeah Before they shipped I tried to cancel but customer service never responded . So I figure will continue working through the problems. So far I’m about 5 hours in and have about 50 in the hundo and a hundo in the trash and the 50 in the Hundo are above Saami spec so they are about to join the trash pile also. End of night update I still haven’t gotten anything that I feel comfortable shooting the issue I’m having is the crimping die grabs the cases causing it to separate and unfortunately the only way to solve this is by opening up the crimp and at .3800 the bullet pushes in back the case to easily in fact even with the case at .376-378 I slips with the Montana gold bullets.
  8. Thanks definitely a good bit of Tech in that article. I am experiencing most of the same issues in the article like the shell and Case head pulling apart from each other. When you look at them in a hundo case gauge there about as flat as a hand cut wooden bridge however they do slide in nicely. I played with the de capping die again... I’m leaning more towards this being nice to pick up with a magnet to put in a recycling bucket and just buy new bulk cases each time.. Factory Case Length .7500 Case Length After Pressing Sammi Max is .754 .7580-.7635 That quite a bit of stretch problem is it appears to be doing it on the crimping die. I am super excited to shoot it I will run some through the chrono tomorrow.
  9. All good, I’m also trying to get out of that habit.. I was Just playing around..
  10. Thanks that actually makes sense I always do my de capping then cleaning now anyway..But I Do you like de priming a second pass after cleaning just as a sanity test, when I’m going to load. I guess I will just have to inspect each case after cleaning to be sure there’s no foreign objects in the primer pocket. Setting primers off like that is not fun .. Who knows maybe the die will loosen up and smooothen out. Looking forward to someone’s finding some solutions to these cases the spring die would be awesome if hydraulic or a self captured adjustable unit Things I like Expanding Die especially with the 1050 with swager. I guess that is my second sanity check if allow myself to think out load here.. if there were a object in the primer pocket I guess I’d feel I there. And the expanding die is silky smooth Case Finish consistency lubricity and concentricity are all amazing. Primers pocket are very nice
  11. Lol great. Nice detailed response thanks for your input.
  12. I did an initial pass here but now having some serious issues with the shell plate full. on the upstroke of the decapping die the case gets stuck which jars the shell plate so bad it empties the power out of the rest of the cases I have tried every combination with height and spring pressure case lubes and greases so far no luck..Update Currently Checking out some info from the die manufacturer....https://s3reload.com/technology/
  13. I removed the hole all the way down to the vertical pin and I use green loctite to hold it in.
  14. Here you go. This is the way the new Beretta 1301 comp pro should have been released IMO. Although the stock is very nice and makes the gun extremely soft I felt like they missed opportunity to evolve this gun.
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