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  1. Stand is easily made from 1" square tube, just need to drill a couple of holes. Instead of clear tubing I 3D-printed an adapter for the Mark7 spring-thingy.
  2. I like the Redding premium expander. Other than that I want some carbide die for sizing. Mighty Armory for decapping. I ended up purchasing separate toolhead with MA decapping die with the spring to get the more difficult primers out without disturbing priming. Lyman also launched some optimized dies for progressive presses in shot show, maybe they are worth a look...
  3. Is there any trimmer available that would also chamfer the case mouth?
  4. Ballistol's new silencer cleaner does wonders on carbon and even lead. Just apply enough time and ultrasonic cleaner.
  5. Only with Dillon-based legacy products. With Mark7 Evolution you have enough space for both powder check and separate seat/crimp.
  6. That is the most important sensor of them all. You don't want double/empty cases. And get anyway all the sensors...
  7. I'm loading 9mm minor ammunition with standard small pistol primers. I'm loading 9mm major ammunition with magnum small pistol primers. I'm loading 223 minor ammunition with small rifle primers. So I do need to get the machine also empty since I don't want to have any left-over rifle primers end up in the minor ammo. So sounds a bit bad design choice to me... Also in many countries primers, powder and ammo need to be stored in a locked cabinet. Not really okay to leave primers in the machine that is on the open bench...
  8. I started reloading in 2011 with a friend's 550. By the time I had reloaded about two cartridges I had noticed that this is stupid and needs to be motorized.
  9. Ok. My press is first gen Evolution Pro and I am having issue with walking pin. I don't have a set screw, so I believe I don't have the groove neither. Haven't disassembled it yet. But I think I will add some kind of groove and set screw to try to keep the pin from walking...
  10. Thank you @slavex! In your picture the top pin is still not aligned. Is it because picture was taken during installation, not yet fully adjusted -- or does it still walk? I was thinking, how about turning a small troove in the middle of the top pin, then drilling and tapping the ram... And instead of normal set screw, use a spring loaded ball detent set screw to lock the pin in place... Or maybe, if there is room, replace the pin with a longer one with some locking clips in both ends to keep it in place?
  11. Can you share some picture of what you did? My top pin is walking all the time and I'm wondering if some fix like this would help...
  12. I think only the decapping die and swage backup die are recommended for Mark 7. My Mark 7 came with Lee dies, pay more and you get Redding.
  13. Manufacturer saying something is "superior" doesn't really mean anything... Is it as hard as carbide or how has the superiority been achieved?
  14. No carbide, so it requires lubing the cases and is more prone to scratches.
  15. Hi, Currently I have no plans on commercial production. This prototype was built with Pepperl-Fuchs OMT150-R103-2EP-IO-V31 laser proximity sensor that requires some special programming hardware, maybe one could find a simpler sensor to do the same... On Mark 7 side, the connector has 2 pins connected when bullet is detected.
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