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  1. I have had issues with primers on some brass sticking to the decapping pin, pulling back and the machine then stopping at swagesense. Nicer if it stops at decapsense, since then you don't have to empty the case under powder station.
  2. I have the upgraded version, but it still doesn't work -- the ball joint attachment to dovetail is a bad design. I would recommend skipping these. I went back to CR Speed...
  3. How have you tried to get out from "bottom"? "End cycle" or "run"?
  4. I'm still waiting for the improved springs/linkage, if that does not fix drop variances I'll start looking into installing Dillon powder measure... Mount is as strong as the Dillon/Mark 7 mounts usually are. Bolted to the Mark 7 body in the same way as Mark 7 original was. So it is as good as it gets, if more stability is needed then only option is to mount them separately from the machine and each other. Don't think that is necessary.
  5. I finally gave up with the Hornady case feeder, just couldn't get it to work... Got about 28.5 inches of 1x1 inch square tube, drilled couple of holes and it fits perfectly.
  6. Maybe something like this could be used with Raspberry Pi to get more power into image recognition? https://software.intel.com/en-us/movidius-ncs https://software.intel.com/en-us/neural-compute-stick I've been thinking of a simple solution with Dillon casefeeder, raspberry with a servo motor and simple 3D-printable parts. Would do sorting into two piles: the brass we want and the rest. If that would be done fast enough, it wouldn't matter if multiple passes would be required...
  7. What is the current estimate of shipping? I understood they should have been shipped already last week but at least my orders still aren't...
  8. ...and here is the charge variance data for VV N310.
  9. Local gunsmith has a laser engraver. Had my magazines marked with that.
  10. Hornady is even noisier. I have wrapped my case feeders in: 1. Silent Coat butyl noise dampening mat: https://www.silentcoat.co.uk/collections/frontpage/products/silent-coat-2mm-deadening-mat 2. Closed structure foam mat, something like: https://www.silentcoat.co.uk/collections/isolator Also put a lid on it. Helps also Mr Bulletfeeder noise.
  11. I also have Alpha-X mag pouches. Cannot recommend. The dovetails keep getting loose, and if I tighten them enough, the dovetail in the pouch body will start giving up... Just a bad design. Wish they did similar with normal screw attachment for the ball joint and then it would be a great mag pouch. Now they're just garbage. And yes, I am running the model with the detent ball under the screw that was supposed to fix the dovetails coming loose.
  12. Spread of 0.130gr is actually, in my opinion, pretty good result. I didn't have the analytical scale when I had a Dillon so I don't have good data of the consistency of Dillon powder measure, but generally I would say that most vendors market their powder measures with accuracy of +/- 0.1gr... 0.13gr total spread is about half of that. 0.2gr spread I don't personally like, as then I need a higher average to keep even the low end in major... I don't yet have that data, but friend of mine is coming to load some with TiteGroup in coming weeks, I'll measure the consistency of that too.
  13. I updated the table with 20 measurements per speed and did a similar measurement with Winchester AutoComp. Surprisingly the speed-dependant powder charge variance is even higher with AutoComp!
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