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  1. I don't see the rule limiting barrel length to 10.5". Appendix D8 (February 2018) item 1 is "Minimum barrel length: **See special conditions** None. Special conditions are it must be a legal SBR. Where is the rule about barrel length?
  2. My best friend of the last 5 or 6 years packed up and left this morning for a new job and city. We drank gallons of beer and wine together and had long conversations about everything with no filters. Went from seeing each other several times a week to probably several times a year. Hard to admit how much this is affecting me. I hate this and how I am feeling right now.
  3. Never mind, I found the matrix and stages in the in ChuckS's dropbox link above.
  4. I found the stages and squad list, but how about the squad schedule / matrix? is it up somewhere?
  5. My Msa Supreme Pro X just died after about 4 years. I went back to my Dillon's which are 12 years old and still working fine after replacing the ear cups. I'll investigate getting the MSA's repaired since they were so expensive. With the gel cups they were the most comfortable I've ever worn.
  6. Success! Backing out screw 13961b as above about a quarter turn did the trick. Earlier I had also reset the primer cup and punch into the slide. Either or both of these fixed the issue. Now if I could just keep the ejection wire from jumping to the other side of the bolt and jamming the completed case.
  7. Dillon's fix didn't help. Still flipping side ways. The primers drop from the magazine correctly, flat and centered on the punch. It flips them as the primers approach the case. They either drag on the side of the cup mouth or on the shell plate. One thing I see is that the punch isn't centered in the cup.
  8. I called Dillon; they suggested the fix that Ippd4 gave above. Haven't had a chance to try it yet, work got in the way.
  9. Shell plate bolt is tight and all locating pins are there. When I cycled it without cases I pushed the handle all the way forward and the primers stayed flat and perfectly centered on the punch. The shell plate actually looks pretty ragged in spots. I'm not by the press so I can't check the depriving pin. Maybe I'll see if I can get a new shell plate.
  10. My Square Deal B has developed a problem in the last two weeks after reliably loading thousands of rounds of 9 mm. The primers are going in sideways about 20-30% of the time, with the frequency increasing steadily. Small primer system and it has never been switched to large primers. I cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol and checked the primer magazine orifice: it looked fine but I replaced it anyway. No difference, still punching in sideways. With no cases in the shellplate the primers are presented correctly with the primer facing up and the primer is concentric and aligned on top of the punch. I ran 100 primers through the press this way (no cases) and not a single one was misaligned. As soon as i put cases in the shellplate the primers started going in sideways. I can't see anything wrong with the primer punch or cup. Is it possible that there is something wrong with the shellplate that could cause this? I can't determine where in the process the primers are turning sideways, but it seems that they are coming out of the magazine and into the cup correctly. Any ideas?
  11. Actually, it looks like Steve Anderson's books aren't available as Kindle books either.
  12. Unfortunately Steve Anderson's books are not available as Nook books from Barnes and Noble (Ben Stoeger's and Seeklander's are). I know, I should have bought a Kindle. I'd buy his new ones if they were. I have his ancient, original dry fire book in cheap paperback. It was a big help.
  13. I had to trim the TF polymer basepads so the magazine would insert properly without interference from the magwell (I don't know if these are still available). The aluminum CZ Custom basepads fit fine without modification. I do not use shock buffers; there isn't room for one in the IPSC Standard slide. I believe one of the changes between the IPSC Std and Tactical Sports is the slide was modified to allow a shock buff. At least some of the TS's come with one installed. In the failure to feed, the slide fails to strip a round from the magazine. The slide jams partially open with a round caught in the magazine. It doesn't even start to enter the chamber. Many times (but not always) the round is nosedived and jammed against the front of the mag. As I said in the earlier post I have tried combinations of followers and springs from CZ (the originals) Grams, and CZC. It happens with and without the extended basepads installed.
  14. I had a completely different experience with my CZ IPSC Standard (older version of the TS). It won't feed period with either the 16 round IPSC Standard mags or the newer 17 round TS mags (I have 5 of each). Or the same mags with the CZC extended base pads or TF pads. I've tried all kinds of spring and follower combinations (CZ, Grams, CZC) and nothing works. Bullet profile doesn't seem to matter either. The trigger is fantastic and I like the weight. The grip needs the checkering removed. I'm at the point where I either get rid of it cheap since it doesn't run, or send it and the mags to a CZ gunsmith to figure out why it doesn't run and to do the grip. Which will probably make it as expensive as a 2011.
  15. If you go lighter than 13 lbs you may have to use a reduced power striker spring for the gun to reliably go into battery. And then you may have light strikes. I don't know why some combinations work in some guns and not in others. I was unable to go lighter than 13 lbs with my 34 no matter which striker spring I used.
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