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  1. IPSC rules are garbage. Most of the CO guys will be better off shooting Open. A good majority of the Production guys wont be legal there either unless they are shooting bone stock guns, but hey, race holsters and 15 round mags.
  2. First match with the new Tanfoglio Defiant Stock Master. This will do nicely
  3. Only shot it once so far, totally stock. Tuned it up yesteday and match tomorrow, I'll post video dont worry
  4. Most people that get DQ'd at their first match shouldn't (and don't) come back. At least she's trying to learn, even if it's a dumb question, lol
  5. Since we are on the subject, IDPA likes to have a lot of seated stages where you must draw while seated. Make sure to get the gun up and horizontal before swinging it arouund. The like to have these stages then watch for people to sweep their knees with their guns and get DQ'd
  6. The Stock 2 is the full dustcover frame, no rail, bull barrel, chrome, 4.5 inch. Stock 3 is black finish, railed frame, straight 4.75" barrel. The new Defiant Stock Master is the stock 3 frame, with a 4.75" bull barrel, chrome finish and some lightening cuts on the slide. Sort of best of both worlds. Mine is here, I pick it up tomorrow "Elite" means nothing. Some are marked EAA Witness Elite Stock 2, some just stock 2. They are the same. The Extreme guns come with some of the factory upgraded doo-dads, like the Extreme hammer, trigger, grips, etc. The internal p
  7. I've heard August 2021 but I can't recall the source. I'd be ok with that but not a whole lot longer.
  8. Leading? Interesting. I clean my barrel about once every 3 years. What powder are you using? (not that it really matters)
  9. I just got here 2 months ago so I can't really say. Up in PA where I came from it's pretty popular but CO is definitely taking people away from it
  10. Seems to be locale dependant. Since I've been in Florida there is only one poor soul shooting Production at any of the 4 clubs I've been to so far.
  11. Been using them for 5+ years, since before they were purple. I have no complaints. I'm sad that I moved and they aren't my local shop anymore
  12. I think board members would be dragged out of their homes and murdered if USPSA decides NOW to screw with the most popular division
  13. Production is interesting to me because the 10 round limit changes the sport so much. If it was 140mm mags it's pretty much like every other division. Keep it separate, even if participation is falling off.
  14. I feel the same way, even though I'm shooting CO now and haven't shot Production once since 2018 Nationals
  15. Dillon 1050 from the start and never have less than 50,000 primers on hand
  16. Have to figure out a way to keep that wrist locked. Recoil spring is the least of your worries
  17. Mine hasn't arrived yet. I've only lived here for 6 weeks
  18. oh, never mind. Damnit Florida and your 3 day waiting period!
  19. Looks like mine will be here Friday. Dremel Saturday. Match Sunday.
  20. It's no different internally than any other DA/SA Tanfoglio. My DA is probably 6.5 or 7, honestly that's just a guess since I can't measure over 5lbs with my crappy gauge. SA is 2lbs. Very little pretravel
  21. I have one on the way and am anxiously awaiting Patriot Defense to cut the slide for a red dot. While I wait, where are the match videos of these? I know there are a bunch in the wild already.
  22. The app is nice because it works offline....or it should
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