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  1. Not really. A Para or Springfield hi cap 1911 is not a 2011.
  2. I got some footage of the side match at the Colt 3 Man 3 Gun this weekend at Peacemaker in W. Virginia
  3. I throw the gun up on my shoulder and load strong hand partially because of this reason.
  4. Get you left hand moving WAYYYY earlier. It doesn't even move until you clear the holster. Pretend like your wrists are tied together with a 10" string so that they have to move at the same time.
  5. I can get you a discount but it's only 10% unfortunately. PM me or contact me on the dealer forum below if you're interested.
  6. VA/MD section match. I placed 8th out of 74 in Limited
  7. What frame? CCF? Good luck with it. I've heard only bad things...
  8. I bought a Trijicon RMR and slide mount and a KKM barrel w/ comp this week. Going to try out Open for a bit with my Glock 22 top end on my Limited gun frame. I'm currently shooting 165 or 180 moly bullets with n320. Need to figure out an Open load. Looks like autocomp is popular. Hopefully I can find it.
  9. First USPSA match of the season was a classifier match. Assuming I did the math right, my average is now 86.6%. Finally! Video and match discussion here http://www.super-tactical.com/2013/0...on-review.html
  10. Got this for 15 bucks. Haven't modified it specifically for 3 gun yet. I plan to use it for the 3man match in W.V. then probably never again. Got this one for 5 bucks. Mounted a double gun rack to one side. Works awesomely.
  11. Here's mine from a couple weeks ago. I think this was an 84%.
  12. Usually. Not sure about this week though.
  13. I need to get up there more but Old Bridge is just a bit outside my normal travel range. I suppose I could just wake up earlier...
  14. Mine are plenty tight on Glock mags without the screws. I have a washer behind the plastic shim to add retention. The real reason for this is because when I had a Para with big thick mags I didn't need the knobs so I took them out, then lost them . I find them unnecessary now though.
  15. I run mine in USPSA without the knobs.
  16. I ordered one of these fancy jager strikers based on the responses from this thread and installed it today. It is going to be getting either returned or sold. Trigger pull became gritty and the reset was sticky(best way I can describe it). I tried it in my Vanek equipped frame and my stock G35 frame, inside of my g35 and g24 slide, with Vanek modified spring cups and stock cups, with the Vanek supplied striker spring and with the included striker spring. I definitely did not like what it did to the gun in any of these configurations. Anyone else notice this?
  17. First match with my Glock 35. I sold my M&P and have retired my Caspian from competition for now. I'm going to shoot a 24 in Limited and a 35 in IDPA/ESP now.
  18. Shot this this weekend. My first A level score. Dropped 1 C in 7.31 seconds. Limited division. I definitely went slow and focused on points. I tried to burn down "Front Sight" at a match two weeks ago and had two mikes on the center target, which is just disgraceful.
  19. CMcalc.com says that's over 100% Is the strategy for this one (in Limited at least) just to aim for the center of the brown and go fast? Or do you be careful and try to get A hits. I shot this in Production last year and got all A's but it took me too 6.something seconds.
  20. Did this today at my indoor range. Unfortunately we can't draw from the holster so I started from low ready, one hand on the gun. At the beep I set up my grip and did the drill. Fastest was 4.79 and average was around 5.5. I noticed I did better going right to left. Going left to right I was putting a lot of shots to the right of the A zone on the third target. Need to work on that. Brian, can you send me the second part? Thanks!
  21. Going to try this tomorrow. Unfortunately, we can't draw from a holster at the indoor range I practice at, so I'll do it from low ready. I'll report back!
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