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  1. It's not. The division is mature enough now that nobody would be able to, but that first year, and since we were all already in Illinois for nats, it was worth giving it a shot, especially considering the size of the match and the rules at the time (10 rounds), a top 10 for me was possible. They shut that down real fast.
  2. That's not an accident. They didn't want someone showing up to the first CO nationals (the day after Production nationals) and winning without a dot on their gun.
  3. I rarely start with a mag in the gun at all. Just make sure you are practicing hitting the mag button.
  4. I wouldn't recommend NRA classes to anyone. The people they allow to call themselves instructors are embarassing.
  5. Go to that match, ask the MD who the local hero is, pay him a couple hundred bucks for an afternoon at the range to square you away in the basics of grip, stance, etc. THEN practice.
  6. I have a 15 year old Raleight 26" hard tail. I hate it but I don't know anything about bikes and only started riding it again a few months ago. My kid hand previously confiscated it for a while
  7. https://nroi.org/q-of-month-results/more-virginia-count
  8. It's funny I was just having this conversation in a mountain bike forum. If you pay X amount of dollars extra to get the bike you REALLY want, you will ride it more, and you will get better by virtue of riding more. Get the gun you want. If you like it more you will want to touch it more, and more time with the gun in hand means more skill development.
  9. If there are multiple MDs from different sports out to get you, maybe it's you.
  10. Buy a Dawson low pro round magazine catch button for a 2011. Cut off the threaded shaft and epoxy the button to the stock mag release. It is identical in size and I measured it at less then .200" from the frame
  11. The ENTIRE sport is based on this concept
  12. I'm 20000% more likely to flip through the paper magazine than I am to ever go to the online version.
  13. I've never had to wait more than 2 weeks for PC bullets from up in PA to ship. https://www.kingshooters.com/bullets-pc-bullets-not-ammunition-/80-9mm-3014
  14. If they are leaning/falling over, you shouldn't start them, but if they are moving AS you give them the beep, it's a creeping penalty. If they start before you beep them at all, that's a false start and a reshoot.
  15. Starting early just before the timer goes off
  16. Means he got a red light on the christmas tree
  17. What if you like IDPA, or it's potential, but wish some rules were different? That's why I'm a vocal hater of the sport, because they are too stupid at HQ to fix it and make something that's actually good.
  18. You say that but it's still happened. Someone I know got DQ'd for not having their eye pro on while walking between bays at a match in NY a few years ago.
  19. Yes, change the rules of the sport during the actual COF is not something I'd compromise on either.
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