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  1. Late reply, but over the course of several orders, my experience has been between one and five days before getting a shipping notification.
  2. I've got a spare Henning XL firing pin for a large frame, purchased new about 5 months ago. Dry-fired with it a few times and replaced it with the Gen4/fluted version once those came out. Would like to work out a trade for a stock Limited aluminum basepad, or 45ACP 10-round mag for a Limited, or combination thereof.
  3. I believe this would apply here:
  4. From the PDF, the firing pin is the only part referred to as needing replacement:
  5. A direct link helps: http://eaacorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Safety-Upgrade-Notice.pdf Anyway, I believe you'll find that most here are perfectly capable of taking their own firing pin out, noting the orientation, and then putting it back in again. If you just want to send in the FP to get the new one and perform your own installation, maybe just call EAA and see if they're fine with that.
  6. Henning is out of medium reach flat triggers, so I picked up a short reach version, and of course it's too short for me. If someone has a medium reach and would prefer a short reach, I'm up for the trade.
  7. Here ya go... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYvAxLX6OzE Also this one by Military Arms Channel, which explains some of the issues:
  8. No help on the holster, but they seem to be slow to ship. I'm on day 5 after paying and my order is still "Processing".
  9. That probably has more to do with the main US importer being somewhat ignorant of market demands.
  10. Just took both sides off and no, there are no markings on the back of the grips. Yeah, I tried installing the CGW reduced power TRS and a Henning 19lb plunger spring today, but the combination didn't reduce pull weight at all. The average has gone up by a couple of ounces, actually. There seems to be more front-to-back movement of the plunger with the lighter spring installed...not sure if that's a contributing factor.
  11. Swapped the Tanfoglio sear spring for a new CZ75 sear spring, and performed some very minor polishing of the contact points on the sear. Pull is down to 1.511KG (3lbs 5.3oz) averaged over 10 pulls.
  12. Just reporting how they're marked. I used Google to do the conversion and updated the original post accordingly
  13. Just picked this one up from the state mandated 10-day wait yesterday...figured sharing some pics would be helpful. All pics were taken after cleaning off the oil and dry-firing a bit. The trigger pull over 10 pulls averaged to 1.70KG (3lbs 12.1oz), using a digital Lyman gauge. Approximate pull length measured from the tip of the trigger measured about 5.8mm, with about 4.1mm reset (measured very unprofessionally). Note the grips and magazine, which are a bit different from the older ones I've seen (cork-pattern grips and black magazine vs. checkered grips and polished magazine). The included spare recoil spring weights are 5.09KG (11lbs 3.5oz) and 5.59KG (12lbs 5.2oz), respectively.
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