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  1. Tomv, what is that stock you're running? The package looks very slick and I love the light weight.
  2. Ah, interesting observation in the slipperiness of the g10. Good to know that. And that the foam works.
  3. Is anyone running the foam Handguard to decrease weight? Or primarily the carbon fiber Handguard over the ULW?
  4. All your advice makes great sense. My son and I have been testing and found weak-hand to be faster than strong hand, as you've mentioned. And I never considered the right to left reloading strong hand. Blockader, I'd love to see your belt and where you're finding enough real estate for three caddies!
  5. Necroposting here. Is there any attention to be paid to the people who say to load strong hand because it allows you to keep your eyes on the threat rather than down at your equipment? Yes, they obviously have police background.
  6. Thanks, Dirty Rod. My chronograph has been on backorder since May, and having recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, it seems to be always raining here and hard to coordinate a time to chronograph, otherwise I'd just test it myself.
  7. I think they're still in school for another couple weeks. Should get out for Christmas break here shortly.
  8. These small primer pocket cases are an abomination! They completely ruin the flow, and tend to damage the primer below them in as the seating stroke is rejected. I have a hard time seeing them before the primers are removed and have in the past opted to cull them out during reloading. Similar to others, I'm seeing a ton more Federal and Blazer headstamps in range pickups, whereas a year ago there were just enough to be occasionally annoying. I love the ingenuity, Burned Out! I'd love to have something like that for my machine!
  9. I've just run out of 230gr X-Treme bullets and am moving over to Rainier--but my new chronograph hasn't yet arrived and I can't verify the velocity in the new bullets. It looks like the X-Treme bullets are .452, and the same weight Rainier are .451. Given the slightly smaller diameter, resistance will be somewhat lower through the barrel, increasing velocity by how much? Should I increase the powder charge by .1? I'm currently dropping 4.6 gr Titegroup. My present COAL=1.260, and I'll verify and adjust for profile changes.
  10. Thanks for weighing in, folks. These are producing slightly higher pressure than normal as evidenced by the slight debossing of the primers. Do you envision there being any difficulties in shooting from my SIG P938 or should I save these for my M&P 9?
  11. Is there a problem either in the short or long term in shooting .357 diameter bullets in my M&P 9? I started reloading my favorite 9mm recipe of 3.4gr Titegroup behind 147gr X-treme bullets at 1.145 COAL and completed ~1600 rounds and realized that the latest batch of bullets was .357 and not the .356 that I normally use. Doh! Apparently I made a mistake in ordering. That's a lot of bullets to pull! I'm worried about higher pressure with the Titegroup, and longer term, eroding the barrel so as to prevent me from shooting .356 anytime hereafter. I very carefully measured the muzzle with calipers and found it to be .356" groove to groove. I don't know if this barrel is tapered from breach to muzzle. I've just moved and don't have any of my fishing tackle to use in slugging the bore but can get some if necessary. I shot 10 rounds and took pictures of the primers. As you can see there is a slight embossing into the firing pin recess that is ever so slightly more well-defined than my other ammo, but there is no squaring-off of the primer cup shoulders. Am I right in the assessment that I'm probably ok with pressure? What about the long-term effect?
  12. This is wicked pissah! as we are wont to say out East. Very well done! Turns out I already have everything for .40!
  13. Wow. Those pics are pretty damning. Umm... I received my order of MG 223s on December 26 of last year and reloaded about 1/2. Haven't shot much 223 this year. Any guesses as to whether or not I've got a bad batch? How would I find out without waiting for the muzzle break to be blasted out? And thanks for the tip on Xtreme. Took advantage of that 17% discount!
  14. Have been for a week+, continues to be out of stock.
  15. During the hysteria during the last year Montana Gold wasn't producing any .223 projectiles, presumably because the demand for pistol bullets was so great. Does anyone know if/when they are going to start producing more .223?
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