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  1. I actually had this happen to me during a match with my 930. It sucked but I did get it out on the clock. Local match What I did was pull the bolt back with my left hand and dump the gun over to drop the second round. What I did next i had no idea if it was legal or not but i did it anyways. While still holding the bolt back I partially kneeled and put the but of the gun in my hip. Next out came the trust assisted auto pocket knife. Used it as a make shit extractor, Ripped the other round out dumped it and dropped both the knife and the shell on the ground. Pointed at the knife in warning when I dropped it, Shouldered the Shotgun and kept right on going. Didnt end up with a penalty or anything at the match. Everyone was like wth firtst time iv seen it done like that on the clock.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10205294721426384 Link to the last match I shot in October as you can see I am clearly not an expert Stage I mentioned starts at 1:16 I am improving tho Had 2 top 2 stages that match and would have had a third I wouldnt have forgot a target
  3. I personally am currently running Voodoo 16.5 Rifle Length Rifle buffer (taccom UL system) and a Seekins adj gas I have not ran into any issues over the past 6 months ( neither stringing or Poa/Poi impacts ) Last several matches have been a mix of long range (300-500 yard stages) along with Hosers stages in between last match had both (second place finish on the long; first on the hoser by a full 3 seconds)
  4. Sure Ill update pictures and finaly review of all the products when i get home later
  5. ill need a second set for my girlfriend before long so ill keep that in mind
  6. okay Ill just look into gettinga bit better comp and dropping my 55grs myself down a bit more Comp i currently have is a nordic corvette and while it is nice it is not as effective as some of the others (imho)
  7. also im not talking about stuffing nato in it either my other load is normal 55gr fmj at right around 2800-3000 (yet to chorine them as I buy in bulk from a remanufacturer)
  8. hmm poop my worry is what happens to 40 gr at distance say 200-500 yard range does it even have the energy to hit these plates are we allowed to mess with adj gas at matches? havent seen anything about that yet. seems all one would have to do is click it up or down a bit
  9. The ? I have trying this is would it be reliable to work in a system 2 different loads Ie: 55/77 for the longrange stages and 40gr hosers for closer stages. Im new to the math behind this but what does this do ballistically to the round at distance *rifle has adj gas Lmos parts and Taccom ul buffer
  10. optisan cuts in at $700 and is much nicer than any of the other similar price ranged scopes i have looked at. I even consider it rather than the vortex
  11. I dont know what this guy is say but I Personally seen this so called shift. Shot it in my first match today and no matter what power i had it on it hit what i was aiming at. From 25 yard paper out to 300 yard steel and 100 yard small plate racks
  12. *** UPDATE PART 2*** Went out to the farm today put 110 rounds through it (100 plinking rounds and 10 match rounds) Was a bit finicky with the trigger reset on the plinkers but the match rounds ran fine with no problems. Match in the morning time to put it to the test.
  13. Iv had mine for about a month now First match is Sunday will report back
  14. ***UPDATE*** Gun came in this morning. Spent the last 6 hours doing parts and maintence and prep Apex FFS Ally Kit with the COMP springs Esp mag well 4 tti mags Tungsten Rod with #13 Modified CR versa pouches for Els clips Modified Bladetech For Els Clip And Last but not least Packed everything away for a match on sunday. First time to shoot will be saturday then On the a 3gun match almost cold.
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