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  1. I have a Glock 34 coming that I want to get started in USPSA production with. I originally bought a 1911 to shoot single stack with and I don't shoot it very well. Not near as good as my Glock 17. I bought a good one too lol. O well. I have some parts in mind but want to make sure this is production legal. - Vanek classic GM trigger with the Jager striker: Is this the best production legal trigger that has overtravel adjustment or am I better off going with a Ghost connector with the overtravel tab? - Jager stainless steel guide rod with 13 and 15b recoil springs. - Dawson black competition sights .105 front with a .115 rear - TTI small base pads Anything else besides practicing a lot with it?
  2. I emailed them. It's a .125 rear notch width which is pretty good. I run a .125 black rear with a .125 black front on my Glock. If you focus it's a good sight picture. I may try the novak adjustable with a .115 or .125 front sight with fiber optic. I think that'll help with focusing on the front sight and looking through the rear. But maybe I'll love these Heinie sights and I won't have to change a thing. But I'm very picky about sights.
  3. This sight also looks very interesting. Does anybody know if the Novak cut Dan Wesson uses is the Novak low cut? I believe it is. Anybody tried this Springfield adjustable sight? http://www.midwayusa.com/product/721189/springfield-armory-adjustable-rear-sight-1911-novak-cut-steel-blue
  4. Yea I love Dawson. I get all my sights for my Glocks from them. Out of stock means nothing. Just means it takes an extra day or two to manufacture them. I've looked at that rear Novak sight before but I have no idea what the rear notch width is and it drives me crazy when manufacturers don't list it. Guess I just need to email them lol. Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks for the support but what are the best sight options? I hear good things about the heinie ledge sights but they don't seem to be the best for target/competition use. I generally like a pretty narrow black rear notch with a fiber optic front.
  6. I ordered a DW Valor a couple days ago. I was debating between it and an STI Trojan for a while. Went with the Valor because it just seems like it's a step up in quality with the parts, fit and finish, etc. I've never been able to handle a Trojan so I can't say from personal experience. Just from what I've read. I bought the Valor for a range gun and possibly to get in to USPSA SS. My concern is with the sights. They use a Novak cut and come with Heinie ledge sights which are more of a tactical sight. The advantage to the Trojan was the Bomar cut and having more target/competition oriented sights. Am I limited by having a Novak cut. Should I do a Trojan instead?
  7. Thanks man. Big fan of yours! Always rooting for Team Stag when watching 3-gun nation.
  8. Honeybooboo

    Echo 1 G17?

    I came across this looking for a Glock gas blowback. I guess Glocks are hard to get now. This isn't technically a G17 but it has a G17 slide on a Lonewolf frame. It seems to be well liked by the owner of the shop, but he's trying to sell it of course. I'm new to airsoft but I know the big companies and I haven't heard of Echo 1 before. Apparently the frame has been modified to resemble a 1911 grip. Not really a fan of that because I want a Glock grip but I don't think there are many Glock options in the U.S. anymore. So, any thoughts? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_25_151&products_id=9925
  9. Hey guys. I've been wanting to get into competition pistol shooting and need some help. I plan on doing USPSA, IDPA, and whatever is available around me. I will be purchasing a gun for comp shooting and was thinking a Glock 34 for production class. Is this a good way to start? Will a Glock 34 work in IDPA? I'd love to get into 3 gun as well but I want to build my pistol fundamentals before getting ahead of myself. I don't have a ton of shooting experience but I really enjoyed what I have. The good part about that is I can get some instruction and learn the right techniques before getting used to bad form. I have a PA driver's license and permanent residence but have been living in NY so I've been holding off. I'll be moving back to PA soon and want to get started right away. Are there any good schools/instructors in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas that are targeted towards competition pistol shooting? Also, how does traveling to different states with guns work? Is it dependent on the state? Say I legally own my guns in PA and want to go to NJ or NY to shoot, how does that work? Sorry for the dumb questions and thanks in advance.
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