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  1. I want to buy one of these. I was at my shop/range shooting yesterday and they had one but couple quick questions about the LCI barrel. 

    will it be an issue with the new Romeo 1 pro or is that protected from the gas? And also, if I send it in to Sig to be replaced, can you send just the upper? I don’t want to have to deal with going through my FFL to get this fixed. 

    My other dealer has 2 X5 legions in stock. May check there to see if by some miracle one doesn’t have the LCI barrel. 

  2. 7 hours ago, dg370 said:

    G34.5 plunk and spin with no issues. My only issue is between my ears. Sometimes my thumb rides up and slows down the slide.

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    that’s why I like 124g. 147 feels like the slide is moving really slow. 

  3. Optic sits higher and it’s not as secure. People try to justify the MOS as being just as good but it’s not. Just a matter if it’s worth it to you to spend a little extra to get it milled. 

  4. 1 hour ago, jcc7x7 said:

    Seems like everybody like the gun, trigger is good, most think better with Gray Guns Trigger kit.

    General bitch is the LCI smoking up the lens on carry optic guns.  Sig will replace the barrel with a little prodding to a non LCI barrel.

    I took a regular x5 with a gray guns kit in it and bought just the grip, I'm very satisfied with that choice times two. FWIW


    I bought a couple of x5 non legions very right and both had the GG kit and guide rods in them when bought so I was money ahead with both. again FWIW 

    Seems like the non X5 went low in price once the Legion came out.


    Cool. Well I was playing with one at the store today and seemed pretty nice. Trigger was ok, not great. Normal Sig 320 type feel. I think it’s a great value so may grab it to play around with. 

  5. Thanks. Think I’m just getting a stock one and doing a hammer spring, recoil spring, and firing pin spring and maybe extended firing pin and that’s it. 

  6. I don’t see it listed on their website yet, but I saw on another forum some guys are receiving the 2.0 COREs. I think they are cops and it’s through the blue label program, but that means they should be available soon for normal people. 


    Just FYI because may be a good carry optics option for people. 

  7. On 8/23/2019 at 5:10 PM, kmanick said:

    I wish S&W would put out a Steel framed version of th e5" M&P , like Walther did with the Q5 Match.

    I'd buy one in a heartbeat, and I'm sure many others would as well if priced right and they fixed the crappy stock triggers.

    sorry to go off topic :)


    Id prefer tungsten/polymer a la x5 legion but yea would be cool. 

  8. Seems a little over the top. You can just spray solvent all over, hit what you can with a brush, blast it out with Gun Scrubber, then lube and be done. Could hit it with air after gun scrubber if you wanted to be careful but I think most people have a lot of moisture in their compressed air setups anyway. 


    I used to to be real anal about cleaning guns until I realized it doesn’t really matter. Just adding lube here and there and quick wipes with a rag here and there gets you really far. 

  9. I was shooting a Tanfo Stock 2 for a while that I had all done up. Lately have just been shooting Glocks and haven’t kept up with the Shadow 2 all that much so have a couple dumb questions. 


    It it seems like the stock Shadow 2 is pretty legit to go out of the box. Is it even worth say, ordering a CZ Custom Shadow 2 and having to wait for it when I can just go buy a stock one off the shelves at my dealer?


    what about the Accushadow 2?


    if buying a stock one, what are the simple mods you guys are doing to get some low hanging fruit? 

  10. Milled is better. Less wear on the optic, better presentation, more natural sight alignment or whatever you want to call it. 


    There aren’t 100 dots out there to be switching around all the time. Pick one you like and get the slide milled. 

  11. 17 hours ago, hlpressley said:

    I picked up a 45 this afternoon. Shot 100 rounds through it a little while ago and will say it really doesn’t shoot like any other Glock. It points like a 19 but recoils more like a 34. Both are extremely positive for me. I will be sending my slide off for optic milling as soon as my 19 returns. I really like my 19, but can see the 45 replacing it in an EDC role once the optic is on. 


    What optic and how are you getting it milled? Ie., keeping the rear sight?


    Mine is pretty sweet. Just need to lighten up the trigger a bit so probably a little lighter striker spring. 


    Is is anyone doing gen 5 19 reduced guide rods?

  12. Got the 45 back. Haven’t shot it yet. May get to after work today just to sight in and mess with for a few mins. 


    Def need to lighten up the trigger a bit though. Maybe just a minus connector and 5lb striker spring and call it good. 



  13. Dumb question but new to CZs. I picked up an SP01 tactical and 75 Omega. (And probabaly a Shadow 2 soon) What are the best magazines? CZ factory? I see the mec-gar ones everywhere. I like the 18 round mags that came with the SP01 tactical but wouldn’t mind getting 16 round mags and putting TTI base pads on them. I saw nickel plated mags on the BS pro shop. What’s up with those?

  14. On 1/24/2019 at 6:29 AM, MemphisMechanic said:


    It won’t be. It’s got “M&P” on the side and no APEX barrel installed.




    I like the 2.0s. Thought about getting an Apex barrel but don’t have a smith around here I trust to fot it. 


    And CORES? Meh, I get my slides milled. I have a Glock 45 slide getting an RMR on it right now. Thought about doing a 2.0 as well. 

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