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  1. Bigb, on e-bay I saw a 12 year collection of clipped fingernails for sale so once fired primers might bring something. Larry
  2. Like the man said it can be done. Mine is mounted on a flat surface because I can't use a strong mount. But I had to make a few modifications first. Larry
  3. For what it's worth there has been some health issues with some people at the Red River Army Depot that have been using large amounts of Break-free in there jobs. I can't remember what exactly but I''ll find out and post it here. Larry
  4. I'm using some right now that are at least 10years old. I've had them stored in the large MTM sealed containers with that moisture stuff for years. I owuld probably used the ones you have in my practice ammo first and if I didn't have any failures I would use the in what ever ammo I wanted. IMHO Larry
  5. I've used the Midway brand vibrating tumblers (I've got 2 in case I have to send one back for repair) for years without very few problems. I also use corncob media with New Finish car polish to treat it with. You can use about any kind of liquid polish as long as it doesn't have any ammonia in it. Larry
  6. You're more than welcome. I just love to see a happy face. Larry
  7. I think that it"s just like the circle of life. One usually starts with a revolver then moves to the auto's and get wise and moves back to a great revolver. Been there done that! Larry
  8. Thanks guys, I check it out best I can. When I bought it I was told that it just sat in the safe but when I got it home I pulled the side plate to see if it had enough lube and it looked like maybe someone had worked on the trigger or put in a spring kit with a scratch awl. I have what I call a matching set. A 4" 66 and a 4" 67. Just love both Larry
  9. You must be referring to those who are better IPSC shooters than handloaders, right? That or let my son do his own reloading. Either of which can be trouble. Larry
  10. I thought all good IPSC shooters carried squib rods. If you don't you need to because if you shoot long enough you will. My son ruined a schuman 40 barrel with a squib. The problem being he was using precision black bullets and the primer drove the bullet in the barrel just far enough to let a live round chamber. When fired it split the 40 barrel right down the top. You need to use at least 5/16 brass rod and cut it about 2 inches longer than the barrel. Brass rod can be picked up at any steel yard or machine shop and is well worth any money you have to spend on it. Larry
  11. I have a model 67-4 that cylinder sometimes hangs up when firing or dry firing. When it does this you can release the trigger and pull it again and it seems to work fine. Can you guys help me or do I need help from a Pro? Larry
  12. You can also try polishing the inside of your powder measure with your dremel tool and felt pad. This will help some and always try to keep the same level of powder in your measure. Also if your drops are +/- .01 of a grain it shouldn't effect you that much. Larry
  13. My 550 used to give the feeling of sticking because the sizing die was set to low or sometimes if using a taper crimp and applying a heavy crimp. Larry
  14. I use a double wide magnetic parts tray set on top of the accro bin bracket turned at an angle. Larry
  15. You can't go wrong with the 550. I converted a 450 to 550 except for the interchangable head part and used it to load 38 super for years. I have a 1050 now but very often I wish I had my old 450/550 back. I don't have a clue as to what a used one is worth. Larry
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