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  1. Would you consider exporting them to europe. I definitley would be a customer,and i am pretty sure other will be to as soon as the word gets around overhere. ronald
  2. ronald

    My Open Glock

    A very very nice pistol. You boys are very lucky with such skilld gunsmits. Have fun with it. Regards ronald
  3. Hay,Im looking to buy the sti matchmaker voor ipsc/npsa shooting. At the moment i am shooting a tanfoglio limited custom open 9x19 major. Now i was considering a trubor but i think i''m beter of with a matchmaker<lighter,smaller an it seems to repeat faster. Only thing i was worried about was getting a major factor out of the shorter barrel,reading this topic learnde that it is possiblle. Are there any more expierence with this pistol with a 9x19 caliber and a major load. And what do you think about the shoise of the matchmaker ofer the trubor Grtz ronald 12-T81 npsa
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