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  1. Are you running the brake i posted about or the other brake bamboo mentioned?
  2. another ad for the same comp says 3.7oz
  3. just curious if anyone has tried out this style brake on a 9mm and what your thoughts/opinions are on it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-2x36-Thread-Short-Compact-Mini-Tanker-Style-Muzzle-Brake-for-9-MM-/201578816923?hash=item2eef08a59b:g:ct8AAOSwQNRXLRXR
  4. more than aware of that, but that's not what im asking about.
  5. Hi Just curious as to peoples opinions and experiences with the AIM lightweight BCGs. Weight seems to be the same as a JP, but curious about experience and the quality. Thanks
  6. HI Just a heads up for anyone who has a team and looking to make this match. unfortunately both my team mates had to bail due to unforeseen personal commitments so my team has had to withdraw. So if you're looking to attend this match there is an open spot available. you can send me a pm and Ill forward your information to the match director. thanks
  7. how long should registration approval take? registered earlier this week and have been billed, but my practiscore link says still waiting for registration approval.
  8. hi anyone know where I can get a new cz ts 9mm barrel? cz custom and usa have been out of stock for a long time. picked up a cz ts to use for 3 gun, but its a 40 and want to switch it over to 9mm. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. have a lot of people experienced issues with the Voodoo lightweight BCG? I am considering getting one.
  10. anyone heard any information on the eastern regional coming up?
  11. if anyone else has one they'd like to sell please let me know. ive also been waiting for cz customs to get this back in stock.
  12. hi so im looking to make my remelli more benelli by replacing the common failure versamax parts. From what ive read I want to replace the hammer, cam pin and extractor. are there any other parts prone to failure that should be replaced by benelli parts? Also looking at brownells, I found the M2 hammer and the M4 cam pin which I have read both work. For the extractor the M2 extractor is not available but the M4 extractor is. Will this work in a versamax? thanks
  13. are the mags shorter with the mec-gars? How much shorter than a cz mag are they?
  14. hopefully the waitlist isn't too long. I got in but my buddy im suppose to be rooming with is on the wait list.
  15. just curious, when will registration open up for the 2nd match?
  16. registered. now to see if I actually get into the event.
  17. I felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.
  18. definitely interested in this match. any idea when registration will open up?
  19. so, stealing one of LikesToShoot's pictures. If I remove this area of the striker that contacts the striker block on the kit, it should work?
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