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  1. Wasn't sure where to post this. I recently managed to close the 0.5 grippers, and so ordered the #1, and when they arrived, found that I was basically 90% of the way to closing it. Has anyone else found the 0.5 and 1 to be similar? I'm just worried I was sent a faulty #1 that is too easy to close.
  2. Sounds like a good opportunity to make the most of this unfortunate incident and practice accuracy fundamentals. I started off my shooting "career" with ISSF air pistol, which gave me a solid base to transition to practical.
  3. I had/have similar problems to this, and I've always been told that I just need a stronger grip. Currently can close the #1 captains of crush
  4. Misaligned sights will throw the shot much further out than any normal oscillation of the gun as you hold it. So accept that your gun will move a little, and focus on ensuring your sights are perfectly aligned when the shot breaks.
  5. Yeah that sounds like slapping the trigger, thanks for the response
  6. Would you ever say you are "slapping" the trigger?
  7. I rack the slide and at the same time throw the gun up slightly, as if to help the round fly out as well. But I won't let go of the slide and begin to catch until I see the round has cleared the ejection port. I think that almost completely eliminates any chance of the round getting caught by the extractor.
  8. Is it possible to do dry fire splits of 0.2-0.3s without any noticeable movement of the sights?
  9. lol didn't realise this was a bump. Antny seems to enjoy his old threads
  10. Focus on the front sight, equal light, equal height. A common mistake is people start their aiming with the sights aligned, then look past their sights trying to chase the center of the target. Then when the shot breaks, the sights were no longer aligned. Just accept that you can't hold absolutely still, let the sights circle around the middle of the target, but focus on ensuring they stay aligned at all times. Misaligned sights will throw a shot off much further than any natural drifting of your gun. My shooting background is primarily in slow precision fire at 10 to 50 metres, beginning with air pistol and then cartridge pistol. I've only taken up practical in the past few months.
  11. I do cam my wrist, but have eased off it slightly in favour of tilting both hands inwards towards the gun. Might be a matter of my wrist/arm strength in my support hand, as I have difficulty camming it as well as applying pressure inwards and squeezing hard.
  12. Doesn't having a really heavy recoil spring cause the gun to dip after recoil? The issue I'm currently having is that the gun tends not to come all the way down after recoil.
  13. If I'm going to be shooting a mix of 9mm factory ammo, would the 11lb spring be best for this? As for the guide rod, one of these things? http://www.ipscstore.eu/en/cz-75-sp-01/2052-13-015239-cz-recoil-spring-guide-rod-steel-for-cz-75-sp-01-shadow-new-design-2000000020525.html
  14. I'm not at the stage where I reload ammo yet, so it's all factory 124g for me at the moment. My understanding is that the factory Shadow springs at 16lbs. But when I bought the gun, it had already been tuned by its previous owner. It came with two springs, and unfortunately I don't know their weights Can't order from CGW as I'm based in the UK (in a region that permits handguns for target shooting).
  15. Oh wow, looks like I got it completely wrong. Will change the springs back to the factory ones and see what happens during my next range trip. Thanks for the info.
  16. Sorry, but the latter half of that doesn't make sense. The heavier recoil spring should reduce recoil by preventing the slide moving fully to the rear. So I don't understand why this could cause the sight tracking problem. I haven't had any malfunctions since installing the springs, they have functioned perfectly in my gun.
  17. I'm using a DPM triple recoil spring (https://dpmsystems.com/) I'll try and get a picture of my grip tomorrow. I'll read that section again, thanks.
  18. I'm currently at a block in my shooting, caused by an inability to have the sights return to target automatically after recoil without any input from myself. This is crucial to shooting good split times. When I shoot, the gun usually ends up tilted upwards slightly. I use a standard thumbs forwards grip. My grip strength is pretty weak, I struggle to close a #1 CoC gripper, and that's something I'm working on. However, to my knowledge, having the gun recoil back on target has little to do with the strength of the grip, but rather how the gun is gripped. I use a CZ Shadow, which is a pretty big gun. I recently acquired a Sig P210 which is a bit smaller, and found the recoil more consistent on that. My hands aren't exactly small, so I don't think it's a physical limitation. Does anyone have any suggestions or idea as to what I'm doing wrong?
  19. Man I actually get the exact same thing when shooting plate racks. My hit rate just goes way off. I suspect it's to do with shooting reactive targets. I think my eyes end up looking past the sights and onto the target, expecting them to fall down.
  20. Even a change in the light conditions can cause you to see the sights differently, and therefore affect your point of impact.
  21. yeah would love to know what you're doing differently now
  22. There's more than enough time to wait for the round to rise clear above the gun before you release the slide and make the catch.
  23. Yeah I've been running into a little problem since gripping super hard with my weak hand. My groups have started drifting to the left a little when I speed up. Working on grip strength training with CoC trainers.
  24. When pulling the trigger at some significant speed, I get some wobble in the sight alignment. It's nothing serious, but would make a significant distance out to 25m It does seem to be caused by my middle finger moving slightly as well. Is it physically possible to train the trigger finger to move quickly without moving the middle finger?
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