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  1. I have Stoeger's 2014 Dry Fire book, would you recommend getting Dry Fire reloaded (2017)?
  2. I'm pretty young (still in my 20s) but with terrible eyesight. I shoot a lot of precision at 25m and 50m where there's little leeway with your use of sights. Getting a good front sight focus seems to be very dependent on lighting conditions for me.
  3. Rob's video title was a great piece of clickbait
  4. I get this too with my support hand (left hand) sometimes pulling my sights left when I'm gripping particularly hard. I think it may be caused by you gripping TOO hard, relative to your maximum grip strength.
  5. I've tried that before, but when I rotate my elbows out, it feels like it pulls a bit of my hand away from the grip. Yeah, but finding it hard to figure out exactly what he's saying. I think I need an even better visual description, or someone physically fixing my grip. No access to professional training, on account of my location. I've been pretty much self taught from the beginning.
  6. Well, tried a few different grips today, still couldn't find one that the sights come back to alignment naturally. I don't know if I'm still doing something wrong, or if I have unrealistic expectations
  7. Trying it, and it tires out my support hand upper arm pretty quickly. Not sure if I'm doing it right until I do some live fire at the range...
  8. So try and press the palms together as if the pistol grip isn't there?
  9. I guess it's inevitable to spend some time and rounds to try and find that neutral grip
  10. 6 years of shooting cartridge pistols and I'm still trying to find that grip to allow that consistent return to point of aim
  11. I wanted to bump my question above - why would keeping the support hand thumb off the gun make a big difference?
  12. I'm struggling a lot with keep my support hand thumb off the slide/frame of the gun. Is the main downside to it that you risk pushing the gun off target with it?
  13. Never thought to do some draws with my eyes closed, great idea thanks!
  14. thanks for the recommendation on the gyroscope powerball. i remember seeing one of those when i was a kid, and basically forgot they existed until i read about it here. ordered one off amazon, and the workout is amazing for my arms.
  15. bullseye/ISSF shooters definitely favour full black sights, but for the faster action shooting disciplines where accuracy is not as important, i personally like having a fibre optic front sight
  16. Best way to practice the draw? I've tried breaking the draw down to parts and practising each individually. I've also practiced by setting a long-ish par time so I can take a long time to draw and present a good sight picture. Then I reduce the par time, essentially forcing me to draw faster. This way, I'm going by the 'slow is smooth and smooth is fast' mindset. However, I worry that in a match, without the time to slowly warm up, my draw will just fall apart.
  17. I guess the question is, should you always be looking to call your shot, no matter how skilled you become?
  18. I think it's important not to sacrifice a good grip for a fast draw time, given that the draw is just the first couple of seconds of a stage, and a poor grip will affect your shooting for the entirety of that stage
  19. I thought an administrative reload was something taught in police circles where you change the magazine while the gun is holstered
  20. Wasn't sure where to post this. I recently managed to close the 0.5 grippers, and so ordered the #1, and when they arrived, found that I was basically 90% of the way to closing it. Has anyone else found the 0.5 and 1 to be similar? I'm just worried I was sent a faulty #1 that is too easy to close.
  21. Sounds like a good opportunity to make the most of this unfortunate incident and practice accuracy fundamentals. I started off my shooting "career" with ISSF air pistol, which gave me a solid base to transition to practical.
  22. I had/have similar problems to this, and I've always been told that I just need a stronger grip. Currently can close the #1 captains of crush
  23. Misaligned sights will throw the shot much further out than any normal oscillation of the gun as you hold it. So accept that your gun will move a little, and focus on ensuring your sights are perfectly aligned when the shot breaks.
  24. Yeah that sounds like slapping the trigger, thanks for the response
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