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  1. What are you looking at for a round count? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The insanity is the fun part. What happened to that "can do more" spirit?
  3. Very very nice, is it in 9mm or 38super? Did you happen to do anything to the extractor?
  4. Optic and mount purchased from J-Rob were better than advertised. Communication was almost immediate, as was shipping. Buy with confidence.

  5. Unfortunately, we might have to give this a try. MD and others have tried to talk to this shooter with no avail.
  6. What's the next step in dealing with the habitual non-resetter? We seem to have exhausted the polite route of asking them to get up and tape/reset steel. Does anyone have any luck in changing the habits of the worst squad members? Can you impose a procedural under 10.1.1 if it is written in the stage briefing? 10.1.1 Procedural penalties are imposed when a competitor fails to comply with procedures specified in a written stage briefing. The Range Officer imposing the procedural penalties must clearly record the number of penalties, and the reason why they were imposed,on the competitor’s score sheet.
  7. A few extra strips or a roll of Velco to tighen up the belt depending on where you have your caddies/mag pouches.
  8. Light contour is good but if you are shooting longer shots look for something in the 18" range.
  9. Mickster- I like the idea of using a second mount to lock the prismatic into place. Great use of a Coors light can.
  10. Yes i am. Have you put a mount in a vice and started to drill a LED hole yet?
  11. Has anyone had any issues with the factory leupold prismatic mount coming loose during competition? Is the a more secure way to mount a prismatic and keep the ablilty to use the Illumination Module?
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