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  1. Don't take all that you read here as good information. Read reloading manuals first. Ask questions to clarify what you read then treat every answer with a grain of salt. Too much misinformation that will get you hurt. With respect Arlin
  2. Arlin,


    Send me your phone # and I will text you a photo of one on

    one of my mags.   I have both Ed Brn  & Chip McCormick.

    I had one break and only need one or two (if possible) to

    replace it.  My #815-757-0737.



  3. In the early days of IPSC/USPSA we would designate brass pickers and tapers. Shooter, on deck, in the hole, brass picker, tapers. Never had a problem. I don't know when this stopped or why. Just my two cents. Arlin
  4. Will-M I have two pair. One pair has the rectangular swell on the inside. Look to be coco bolo but unsure. The other pair has no swell on the inside. PM me if you are interested. Arlin
  5. Can you anchor it to the back stop with cable or chain?
  6. Sig0431: Did you get the brass you needed? If not let me know and I will send you what you need for the price of the shipping. Arlin
  7. Durango has a USPSA match. Unsure what date but I think it's the fourth Saturday of the month.
  8. Do you have the washer installed under the small caliber disc?
  9. One of the best welders and person I ever had the pleasure of knowing. I worked around Danny at Zia Company in Los Alamos. Love to all his family and friends.
  10. EasyTargetRn There are a number of ranges in the area. They are as follows: Albuquerque shooting range. West mesa They will be hosting a major match while you are there 2016 High Desert Classic 10/6-9/2016 Del Norte Shooting Range: Way out of the way and not open to the public Shoots IDPA and other types but no USPSA Los Lunas Gun Club: About 20 miles south of Albuquerque, club members only but open to outsiders for IDPA matches Zia Rifle and Pistol club South of air port. Private club but good people (haven' there for a number of years since USPSA moved to Albuq shooting range) Enjoy your stay and the Balloon Fiesta Arlin
  11. Regarding storage in the garage. I use an old apartment/dorm refrigerator to store my primers. Use original containers for powder on garage shelves. Arlin
  12. A little off subject but we us paper plates to simulate steel plates at our indoor range. Arlin
  13. I have had this issue with military brass but none so far with other brands. I do not use ultrasonic cleaner but do use vibrator with corn cob media and Dillon case prep. Arlin
  14. You might want to try this web site. Cast Boolits.com Arlin
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