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  1. It sounds like you need to fix your practice regimen. Your dry fire is focused on a very small part of what happens during a stage.
  2. Carnifex

    CZ-75 CTS LP P

    Do these have the sp01 shadow beveled style magwell or the 75 shadow style?
  3. Carnifex

    Grip adhesion

    A stripper gave me some of this: http://www.amazon.com/Products-2-Ounce-Ultimate-Gripping-Solution/dp/B002ZAKOJK/ref=pd_sim_sg_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0S83F85F6RH9FZ7TNBT0 It's popular with the girls for getting a grip on the pole. Works really well and isn't sticky like some products.
  4. Carnifex

    Trigger Pin Stuck

    I believe it only goes in one direction. Are you hitting it the right way? I had to beat the crap out of mine on all my CZs. Definitely switch to the CGW pin once you get it out.
  5. I'd been a member since '03 and felt confident dealing with people because of the feedback system. I wish the original join dates, names, and feedback score could have been brought over.
  6. I pick my spring based on how my gun tracks and returns to target. As long as the brass comes out, I don't care how far it goes.
  7. I like an 11 pound in my 75 shadow (short dustcover) and a 10 pound in my sp01 shadow. Both run 13# hammer springs. Using 125gr at 133 pf.
  8. Carnifex

    Part ID

    Yours is a D style safety so no spring. It's held in place by the sear cage. Some guns have the thumbler style safety and do use a spring.
  9. Carnifex

    Part ID

    That's the right hand side safety detent plunger
  10. Carnifex

    off center light hits

    Pull out the firing pin and make sure its not broken.
  11. I use just a little dab of blue loctite and haven't had a problem with my racers or race masters.
  12. 70# of Varget?! I've been looking for 1# for months!
  13. There is no spring on the right side of the gun. There is a similar piece WITH a spring on the left side of the gun. -Put that little detent piece on the right side in, and fit the right safety in. -Put the little detent piece with the spring into the similar position on the left side of the gun. -Place the assembled sear cage down and push it down till the holes line up through the frame. -Insert the left side safety. You will have to pull back on the little spring detent thing to get the safety all the way in. -Push it together nice and good. Make sure the arm of the sear spring is in the groove. -Have a beer.
  14. Carnifex

    CZ magazine issues

    I put the +10% springs in my sp01 mags. Never had a problem feeding as long as the mag lips weren't totally jacked up.
  15. Welcome! If you'd like to know about matches in the area feel free to PM me.
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