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  1. I love it, throw parts in the cleaner (removing plastics and knowing i will have to replace FO front sight) and load ammo while the little noise box does the hard work. frees up time and gets places an AP brush just can't quite reach.
  2. Yes, 1911 single stack minor can have 10 rounds in the magazine and they can be used for limited 10 as well, the only change will be placement of the holster, magazine pouches, and holster limitations. You can also shoot a 1911 9mm in open if that floats your boat
  3. Ive not known too many shooters to be conventional haha. Ive shot a round of sporting clays with my mossberg 930 JM and had a blast as well as learned a lot. I say go with your game gun and enjoy all of the questions and interest that will come your way, might even get a few more guys or gals to join our sport.
  4. if you can get really good at weak hand reloading out of a shell caddie, i have seen guys loading while shooting and moving. that is something I am trying to get down without having my own "shotgun shell yard sale" all over the stage
  5. Ive started using the grip tite stuff (goo in your hand that turns to candy smelling chalk powder) and other than it getting all over your stuff it works great to maintain the vice grip and reduce my recoil or muzle rise
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