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  1. 28 minutes ago, RJH said:

    So I went back and reread the o p just because. No I have not noticed New ROs DQing people for things they're not 100% sure they did.


    I have seen it two or three times with 180 calls, once was on me (right handed, moving back and to my left while reloading, r.o. behind and to my right, he could not see the gun and it wasn't even close to a 180 or even a 140 but he called what his mind saw through my back). 


    If I am shooting under a new r.o. I will exaggerate holding the gun out where he/she can see it, they see you moving toward the weak side while reloading and they get excited. 

  2. 39 minutes ago, IVC said:

    Do you DQ a guy on his first match if he takes the belt off with magazines in it at the safe table as he is trying to adjust it? Do you nail him for pulling the gun out of holster at the incorrect time, but while under RO supervision? Or do you tell him how it works and never ever have the same issue again? 


    Why dq when 100% sure of a safety violation is covered so far I think.


    Is there any why not besides that the person might decide that the sport is not for them? Is there anyone who thinks they would have quit the sport if they had earned a righteous dq at their first match? 

  3. 10 hours ago, zzt said:

    His finger  may or may not be completely outside the trigger guard, but is clearly not near the trigger.


    Trigger finger calls are often tough to be 100% certain about, my approach is to bust the shooter when it is obvious and let the shooter know after the course of fire when I am only 90% sure. 



  4. 1 hour ago, AverageJoeShooting said:

    i try to never send people home, unless its a chronic issue affecting the safety of others that ive already warned them about twice. They paid for the match and they are there to have fun.  Most of what i shoot is level 1s


    This will sound mean spirited , and I do not mean it to, but I hate going to a club match where there are any r.o.'s that think like that. If you see a safety rule violation, and you are certain of the right call I want you to make that call.

    When enforcing the safety rules is soft or inconsistent I think it makes things less safe for everyone, it creates hard feelings for the folks that do get dq'd, and it makes life hard on the r.o.'s who are trying to follow the rules.

  5. After having spent way too much time and money on production guns, If I was starting over I'd get an SP01 or a Shadow 1 (almost identical) and call that good. It is a personal preference thing though, need to find what fits your hand and what balance point you prefer on weight vs maneuverability. 

  6. 31 minutes ago, Lastcat said:

    Ha, have you ever finished a stage and forgot a few targets?


    Hasn't everyone? 




    That does seem to be a thing that practice and technique can pretty much eliminate though. You know how much time you need before the match, and you have learned how to make a plan that sticks and you have learned about the mistakes (thinking too much about one stage feature and not enough about others was a bad one for me) that create the problem.

    On that topic, there is nothing in the USPSA rulebooks that says that the squad has to be allowed 5 minutes for a walk through, worked a level 2 where the head cheese was nervous about having enough time and he cut the walk throughs down to 3 minutes, didn't effect me (shot on staff day, helped build stages b4) but I thought it sucked for a lot of the paid competitors.

  7. 6 hours ago, IVC said:

    These are all mental skills, not physical ability. 


    I seem like a downer but accepting reality has made senior shooting a lot more fun, so sharing that is the goal.


    Age takes away - short term memory - whatever you want to call mental information gathering and thought processing time - typically vision - visual speed (eye muscles age just like leg muscles) - energy to practice - ability to perform without injury - muscle mass - typically balance - all forms of quickness - attainable speed - probably another half dozen things that I used to remember.


    All of the drills and technique are great, but if it bugs you that you are not close to where you were at 30 - 40 - 50 that can really suck the fun out of the sport. 



    5 hours ago, BoyGlock said:

    How i wish these to be true at least to me. As I age into 60 my reaction to external inputs got slower no matter how I train.


    That strongly implies that you are a human. 

  8. At 60+ I try to visualize exploding out of position without either passing gas or losing bowel control entirely or just getting dizzy like you do when you stand up fast. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, midatlantic said:

    Ha! thats what I usually tell myself. My girlfriend observes "you're competitive." I guess she's right.


    "And you know, that you're over the hill, when your mind makes a promise that your body can't fill" - Little Feat




    Seems like it is a process, learn to keep pushing while learning not to get upset that you aren't 30 - 40 - 50 anymore. 

  10. You are old for a run and gun shooter.


    Old is not fast.


    Embrace it, enjoy shooting anyway.



                                                                                       60+ slow guy

  11. On 8/14/2020 at 7:43 PM, AzShooter said:

    I use a taper crimp, actually just relieving the bell.  I also use .358 bullets in my 929 and have never had a problem with setback or bullets pushing forward.


    If you do not mind, what brass-sizing die-bullet are you using? 

    I have something that seems fine for the 929 now (Lee U-die, 160 grain SNS or Bayou 0.358, Winchester brass) but it is interesting to see what others are doing that works. 

  12. 7 minutes ago, Fishbreath said:


    My .357 Super GP100 is sitting at about the same spot—have you done anything to it beyond spring swaps? I have some stuff to try polishing some bearing surfaces, but I'm curious if you've had luck with any other modifications.


    Nothing beyond polishing and knocking the spur off of the hammer, pretty much what is shown in the Mcarbo u-tube video except the hammer bob. 


    We are in the same boat, I'm seeking knowledge for things to look at. For some reason my 10mm match champion has a smoother/better feel.  

  13. My 929 - a real pain in the butt with leading until I switched to 0.358 bullets - had to be sent back to S&W to get a damaged crane repaired, took 4-5 months and communication was awful - needs more pristine brass than my semi autos - needs a Lee U die to keep bullets from walking - very accurate and with a BossHoss trigger job a very smooth 5.5 - 6# trigger.


    My 9mm SuperGP100 - Had to be sent back to have a new pawl fitted, took 8 days and communication was excellent - Wants very pristine brass, absolutely more fussy than the 929 - 7.5# trigger at present, hoping to take off 1# - still working to find a load it likes - seems built like a tank compared to S&W.


    My 10mm Ruger match champion (4.2" barrel , 6 shot) - with moon clips shoots mouse fart 40's or hot 10's or anything in between - put in a $20.00 Mcarbo spring kit and polished, otherwise it was plug and play - do not know about accuracy potential yet, burning through the lead that I have.


    For what it is worth.

  14. 2 hours ago, MWP said:

    I have never roll sized my brass. Federal in 929s, all once fired when I get it. Plenty of it has seen over 10 loadings. 

    Is it the brass sizing or the brass to clip fit that’s failing? Do you have a moon clip checker to see if it will clear that? 


    Thanks to all, sounds like roll sizing is not needed. 




    I suspect that the clip fit on brass that has been once fired through a bottom feeder and marred by extraction is at least part of the issue. At the moment my moon clip checker is my 929, much that will drop easily into the 929 will not drop into the SGP100. 


    I am going to play with some once fired & roll sized federal that I bought recently. May very well end up having the bores opened up on the cylinder but then you get into $'s and if the gun ever breaks I could be hosed when I send it back to Ruger for warranty service with bored out cylinders. 


    Again, thanks for all advice. 

  15. Have a very tight chambered super gp 100 in 9mm. Use a  Lee U die and pristine moon clips but still have a too high reject rate as far as getting loaded moon clips to drop in like they should. 


    If you folks start out with 1 time fired brass from target (not high pressure) ammo does that brass work for many reloads (130 power factor) without roll sizing? 

  16. Shooting a heavy 9mm revolver at a steel match Sunday I had a squib that I did not feel or hear. Thought it was a light strike, r.o. said he saw the bullet hit ballistic sand behind the target or else he would have stopped me, so I assume he heard something.



  17. 22 hours ago, rowdyb said:

    sights you like

    stainless steel guide rod

    recoil spring you like

    extended firing pin

    lighter firing pin spring

    extra power extractor spring

    hand fit or drop in disconnector

    trigger shoe you like

    different trigger return spring

    race/competition hammer

    eric grauffel sear spring

    lower weight main spring

    grips you like

    shadow 2 mag release

    10x bushing

    polish everything shown in the atlas tuning guide


    other than the shadow 2 mag release then you'd basically have what every cz shooter was shooting before the shadow 2 came out. i've owned i think 3 different accu shadows and they all shot amazing.



    And, maybe not necessary, but OCD folks like myself really love the overpriced CZ Customs sight pusher. Will not fix elevation but works great for its intended purpose. 

  18. Ignore the header, I plugged in 1050 FPS, 125 grain bullets and 0.4" sight height above axis. 


    15 yards would work, seems like I am more confident of the zero at this range.




    25 looks better if you can group shoot well enough and your bullets fly straight enough to zero the gun precisely.




    There are several free ballistics calculators on the internet. 



    Edit: Plugged in 115 grain and 1400 fps under the assumption that was characteristic for an open gun. 0 - 50 yards and you are always within 1" of zero both at 15 and 25 zero's. 

  19. 12 minutes ago, belus said:

    If one was shooting worse than 1" at 10 yards I'd repair it with the 10x bushing, but they don't need it yet.


    I just started dropping in the 10x bushings by wrote on my CZ's.

    $60.00, easy peasy install, should have better wear characteristics I think, and the more precise fit to the barrel is obvious.


    That said, I agree that many CZ's shoot great without it and a smarter fellow might wait and see.

  20. My Mark 2 22/45 was fussy and too failure prone to consider taking it to a steel challenge match.


    At the advice of a friend I went through the mags (u-tube mag tuning video) and replaced the loaded chamber indicator with a blank (eliminates drag on slide) and installed the Volquartzen trigger kit. I was lucky to make it through a mag before and do not remember a single ftf since doing the work, but, disclaimer, I haven't shot it for hundreds or thousands of rounds since. The changes made a huge difference in reliability but possibly I could find that it now fails 1/100-200 and is still not match level good. 

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