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  1. 30 minutes ago, bisonshooter said:

    Ordered from Bayou on November 8, 2020.  Just received notice of shipment.


    My last Bayou order was 11/14, they said on the phone last week that they are processing the orders from this time frame right now.


    On the bright side. 147 grain (0.356) 9mm truncated cone and 160 grain round nose 357's (0.358) were both in stock from SNS last week with no limits on quantity (10K = 10% discount). 


  2. 23 hours ago, Mcfoto said:

    Thinking about getting on of these for our ICORE match...



    Put your deposit down well ahead of time, pcc has pretty much cornered the short bus market. 

  3. 52 minutes ago, ysrracer said:


    No, but I just ordered one. I'll try it out going forward.


    My loads (Winchester brass, 160 grain 0.358 sns coated) had bullet creep. Going from the Dillon sizing die to a Lee U die seems to have fixed it in my case. 

  4. 24 minutes ago, Tunachaser said:


    Do this multiply times as it sounds like he's not doing it every time.  I use a revolver and load only some chambers, then spin the cylinder and close it with out looking.  Really shows up with a 6" revolver.


    That works.  What works better for me, and I think would help the original poster, is to teach yourself to see the sight lift during recoil.


    Once you do, you always see it when you disturb the sight prior to recoil and you can call your shots. 

  5. 12 hours ago, MikeBurgess said:

    I can only get a revo into the low .2s


    All feedback appreciated. 


    Pulling the trigger while aiming I will work on, seems like a bit of steel challenge or the plate rack at the club should be a decent way to practice that live.


    Otherwise, is 0.25s a reasonable goal for splits on easy close targets for a 'want to make A class' level shooter?


     Part of my opportunity I think is just the pure mechanics of swinging the trigger hard without throwing the sights way off 

  6. Probably should have asked the question differently, I meant methods specific to getting that long throw d.a. revolver trigger pulled at speeds similar to what you can do with single action. 


  7. 3 hours ago, HesedTech said:


    Wheel guns have different needs than auto feed.  If you haven't done it, pull some post reloaded bullets and check their diameter. You may find the swage factor of the FCD is wasting your .358 size.  


    I use the FCD for my bottom feeders as well (coated still, sized 0.356 though) have never seen an issue in 10's of thousands of rounds. Do agree that the FCD could very well be swaging the brass covered portion of the bullets, but I honestly do not know any reason to care about that, accuracy is good, no leading (after I switched to 0.358's in the wheel gun only, major leading with 9mm sized coated, wheel gun barrel slugged at 0.357), bullets are not walking out of brass in the wheel gun. 



  8. 21 hours ago, jtaylor996 said:


    I use this on coated bullets with no issues that I know of so far. But then again my crimp just removes any bell and is super light otherwise.


    What problems have been caused by using this on coated bullets?


    Interested as well. For my 9mm wheel gun I'm shooting .358 coated bullets and load with the undersized Lee die, I get it that this likely does swage the bullet a bit but have not seen any sign that this is either a reliability or an accuracy issue. 


  9. 40 minutes ago, DirkD said:

    bunch of Fudd moderators here that want to exert their "Control" and make people respect their perceived authority.


    Has not been my experience, they have been patient with me. 


    6 minutes ago, BritinUSA said:



    It gives no details whatsoever, the first the membership knew of the exact changes was when the minutes were posted. 


    It does seem like we could be as aggressive advertising proposed changes as we are about publishing change notices. 


  10. 1 hour ago, CtYankee said:

    I don't see the benefit of using 40S&W


    Before the SPP shortage it allowed me to never change primer press components, use the same bullets in my wheel gun that I use in my bottom feeders, and avoid buying any brass and avoid changing the die heights going from 40 to 10. Just my particular situation I suppose, although in the general case it seems like 10mm brass is pricey as heck and 40 is laying around on the ground like it grows there. 


    Appreciate all of the feedback!! 

  11. 14 hours ago, Cherokeewind said:

    I had one Kimber rear sight that I actually had to use a dremel cut off wheel to cut a slot, left to right, almost down to the bottom of the dovetail to relieve enough pressure so the I could get the sight out for replacement with a new rear.......the old sight was no good anyway. 

    I have done that as well.


    On an otherwise unmolested smith and wesson shield the local gunsmith ran out of hammer and I sent it back to smith, they moved it for no charge. 


  12. On 2/10/2021 at 6:58 PM, Fishbreath said:



    I think the Super GP is plenty competitive, but it's also not the easiest road.


    I normally think it is the Indian and not the arrow, but I can shoot with the smoother 5.5 pound trigger on my 929 faster than I can the notchy 7.5 pound trigger on my SGP. With the ruger and any challenging shot if I don't focus on the trigger and take my time I shoot poorly. Perhaps I will find a way to improve the ruger eventually. 

  13. 17 hours ago, Fishbreath said:



    —a bit of an undercut below where the spur used to be in an effort to keep the tip-heavy weight distribution,


    Tip heavy is something new to me in competition hammers. Why did you want that?

  14. 49 minutes ago, PatJones said:

    I stand by my opinion that doing all of this with a partially removed hammer spur diminishes the level of safety involved.


    And that is a perfectly reasonable opinion. It is something that I am fine with,  but I know from shooting my production gun and hearing the occasional comment that there are other folks that share your concern. 

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