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  1. 17 hours ago, Dranoel said:

    If you have not mastered basic shooting fundamentals, an SVI will do you no more good than a RIA or a Hi-Point. 


    What is the GM's name that works at shooters connection and kicks butt with his RIA? Something like John Veigler? 

    Disclaimer, I don't know if he is still shooting one now. On the bright side, I don't know of anyone beating all of the pricey guns with a Hi-Point. 

  2. 19 hours ago, Fishbreath said:

    One match in the books with the bobbed hammer, and I figured I would document my findings.

    • After a practice that had me trusting the bobbed hammer and 9lb spring setup, the match was a dumpster fire. Light strikes started early and got worse, to the point where I put in the 14lb factory hammer spring after three stages.
    • That turned all notchy, and locked up entirely on the last stage of the day, to the point that I had to thumb the hammer back to free it.
    • Postmortem analysis:
      • Despite looking identical to the naked eye, some combination of the hammer and hammer dog are fit to the gun. Putting the stock hammer's dog into the bobbed hammer and vice versa yielded two hammers that didn't work at all. For the sake of establishing a reliable baseline, I'm back to the 10lb spring and the stock hammer.
      • I'm not sure if it's GP100s in general, the Super GP100 in particular, or this Super GP100 specifically, but it really wants heavy lubrication. The trigger starts to get notchy if things dry out. Two spots in particular that made a big difference are the mainspring strut pocket and the DA sear on the hammer. Some Slide Glide Lite seems to be doing the trick better than the Lucas gun grease I was using previously, but we'll see how it stands up to a week of dry fire and a match.


    Good information, appreciated. Sorry about the issues.

  3. 2 hours ago, Sarge said:

    Not arguing one way or another. I like good looking guns too. BUT several gun builders stand behind their products as well. 


    Ruger rocks in that regard. 

  4. 3 hours ago, ltdmstr said:


     I think even a brief review will reveal who puts out more junk parts and has more product failures/warranty repairs, etc.  And it's not even a close call.


    STI has had major issues, no doubt about it, I am hoping that fairly recent changes (Dave Dawson coming back for example) will get them back where they used to be. Not sure how warranty repairs would stack up against the good semi customs like Les Baer and Triangle and etc.. SVI has the occasional problem gun like everyone else (they make it right though) and I had a lot of fun tormenting a good friend until they got his SVI worked out. The other thing to consider is number of guns sold versus number of complaints. 


    3 hours ago, ltdmstr said:

     It also ignores the fact that the Danner boots will probably last 5x as long, will be more comfortable,  


    Can't argue with measurable differences in performance. 

  5. 27 minutes ago, IHAVEGAS said:

    Or how about a Honcho?  The 3-gun/limited model is $5500.  Are those also priced where they are because of cosmetics and bling?


    If I have implied that there is something bad about enjoying the things not related to shooting performance (bling, neat sound when you rack the slide, etc) that is my mistake. Otherwise, yea, based upon my priorities (getting alphas) at $5500 it is all about the cool factor. 


    A friend of mine studied marketing in college, one of her "lab" exercises was to play with product pricing at a local business, I always thought it was interesting that some items sell more rapidly if you crack up the cost as it drives the concept of quality, it is not just a gun thing. There was a related well known study in the wine business, when blind tested some of the less expensive wines were highly rated, when folks could see what they were drinking their evaluations changed. That is not to say that the bling guns are priced up to make folks want them more, I do not know internal costs, I just find it interesting as a general consumer psychology thing. 

  6. 11 hours ago, ltdmstr said:


    Well, to start, that gun is built on STI frame with a plastic grip.  So cheap, subpar parts to start with.  And what barrel and other parts is he using?  If they're STI or similar, just more junk.  So I'm not sure how you can even suggest that's comparable to an SV.  If you want a closer comparison, maybe start with that package, then upgrade to a PT frame, aluminum trigger and metal grip.  That'll add close to another grand, which puts you in the same price range as a SV limited gun.  Or, if you don't agree with that, go check some of the other big name companies.  What does a high end Atlas limited gun sell for?  Last I checked, Titans are around $4k and a Nemesis is $6k.  Or how about a Honcho?  The 3-gun/limited model is $5500.  Are those also priced where they are because of cosmetics and bling?


    No desire to argue about which parts you prefer, I agree that a lot of folks like the exotic materials and that is fine if that is what you like and are happy to pay for. Actual performance data is always interesting though.

  7. 1 hour ago, ltdmstr said:


    With regard to Bennie Hill, if he's going to build you a complete custom gun with finish and everything else, to your specs, for $3k, that's a great deal.  Especially considering parts will cost 1500-2000 and finish adds at least another 300.  So, if that's the actual price, and you like what he does, I'd suggest you go for it.  But, tell me what options he offers, what parts he's going to use, and what the finished gun is going to look like, and ]what the final price will be.  Then we can compare.  




    I went with the 2011 5" in black when I was shooting limited, since I am one of the 'guns are tools & bling doesn't matter' folks I think the gun and 2 tuned mags came in at 3200. 

    1 hour ago, ltdmstr said:

    Also, I'm pretty sure they don't make all their own parts in house, and the off the shelf stuff, although decent quality, isn't the same in terms of material, design or manufacture as what SV produces.


    I would agree that either it is better or it is worse, would need to see data that demonstrates an advantage one way or another. 


  8. 1 hour ago, Cuz said:

    Back in 2004/2005 I had SV build me a custom sight tracker limited gun.  It was a beauty, and I enjoyed shooting it for a couple of years, then for reasons unknown to me, I started shooting Glocks and found them more comfortable for me to shoot,


    Much as we argue about this and that, if the poop ever hit the fan and lives were at stake, most of us would grab the Glock. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Furrly said:

    I have owned and shot mostly all well built guns by reputable builders.. Svi stands above and behond them all. Svi's built quality, material, fit and finish is like no other. 

    My personal take on it!! 


    How is the SVI better built or made from better material than a Les Bauer or Bennie Hill (Triangle) or etc.? No argument that they have more bling and no reason that a person can't take satisfaction from having what they want, just have not seen anything that differentiates the $3000+ guns from the $5500 + guns in terms of function or reliability. 

  10. A common thing is to press the release too far. 

    I think CZ custom sells a pre bent spring that solves the problem. 


    Edit: they do sku 10206, or you can bend per the picture on their website.

  11. 19 hours ago, NoSteel said:

    I cut the nub off mine and recrowned,  much easier to keep clean and a better look.



    Is there a best angle for the crown for accuracy?

    Really like the looks above.


  12. I paid the high price for a 1.5" 50 yard guarantee Les Baer. Never liked bling so an SVI was out of the question at double the cost.

    As a Uspa/idpa shooter I could never do even a smidgen better with hoity toity than I could with a working man's gun so I sold it. 


    The book "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" comes to mind when Svi is mentioned. A good explanation of how people have different value systems, not right and wrong, just different.

  13. I gave up trying to communicate with Troy when reaching underneath a virtual wall to grab a dropped mag came up. 


    He said you can because it is a virtual wall from ground up, as I read the words it is a virtual wall all of the time for all circumstances rather than something that blocks bullets but allows hands to pass through.


    Could be entirely my fault, regardless, we are not on the same wavelength.

  14. On 3/28/2021 at 9:34 AM, pskys2 said:


    It is brand new and S&W should take care of it at no charge.  The bad factor is time, it may well take them several months.



    Time, and communication. My 929  took about 3 months (from memory) and I could not find out diddly until I got a return shipping notice. Ruger, on the other hand, communicated every step of the way.


  15. 20 hours ago, UpYoursPal said:

    And as a corollary to this, are there certain divisions where live fire training is less important than skills that can be practiced in dry fire?  Revolver would come to mind as an example - because every trigger pull is the exact same, and recoil really isn't that great when shooting minor, I'd contend that you can get away with shooting very little live fire if you practice dry fire doubles and plenty of dry fire reloads. 


    Ben Stoeger, and likely many others, sometimes makes the point that live fire practice is about confirming that dry fire practice is working. With either my revolver or my production gun it is easy to practice looking at the sight when it does not matter (before the sight would lift in live fire) and pulling the gun away prematurely. I don't see a difference in dry fire benefit between the two, modern production guns tend to be heavy enough that I also don't see much difference in recoil control . For what it is worth. 

  16. On 8/20/2020 at 10:04 AM, rowdyb said:

    How well does your club follow the current rule book? And how do you feel about if they do/don't?

    DQ's are the only thing I have seen to get persnickety about, it took a while for folks at the two local idpa clubs to get consistent and get a bit hard nosed about calling them and one local uspsa club is less strict about calling them than I would wish.

    I dq'd an 80 year old friend for muzzling himself bagging his unloaded and flagged gun at a steel challenge match a couple weeks back. No fun for anyone.




  17. When I stopped dry fire practice I lost the match expectations that can be frustrating and got back to the 'fun day with the folks at the range' mindset that taught me to enjoy the shooting sports in the first place. Whatever makes you happy. 

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