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  1. 52 minutes ago, B_RAD said:

    Don is great to deal with. He will even suffer thru you being an idiot. Ask me how I know. 

    His work is great and he’s super nice. 

    and he will talk at length with a customer. 

    Some people need a website I guess?  I’m ok with reputations from good sources. Don has the reputation from his customers and I will confirm that my build was great. 

    Hit Don up on FB messenger. He’ll get back to you. 


    Exactly what I did.  Not accepting new business at this time so guess I wait.

  2. I contacted them last week via FB and was told they are not accepting new inquiries......I then asked when would be a good time to discuss a future project and received ZERO response.


    So.......lots of doubts.......

  3. 1 hour ago, Divejay said:

    Update Update Update.. got a call from my FFL, they got something  from Phoenix Trinity.. so 29 wks total. will pick up by tomorrow.

    Great news.

    I have been holding off shooting for 4 months and ready to go so this is good timing as mine is at 27 1/2 weeks ...

  4. 26 minutes ago, George16 said:

    Using the DWX frame will be great idea idea.

    Yes it would......almost tempted to dump my 2011/Honchos then.....

  5. On 6/1/2020 at 6:41 PM, PGGUNS said:


    That’s from my gun, and yes it crashed at the end of the stage.  Contacted Brian and he’s sending me a new one, he said he’s never seen that before and that he would take care of it for me. He asked me to send my gun back with both my barrels (I have 9major/9minor) to make sure they fit properly and is sending it back to me tomorrow.   I’ve personally been happy with the gun, and very happy with the CS that Brian has provided anytime I’ve had an any issue or question.  In fact sent him a thumb rest that he is modifying for me with no charge without even asking him to do it, he just offered to do it when talking to him about it last week.  He also replaced my magwell at no cost when I screwed it up via user error, (stupid on my part) which he didn’t need to do at all but did anyway, quality move.  Stuff happens and I am confident that PT will be quick to provide a solution.  He responded quickly to all my questions and has provided a quick turnaround, and has gone the extra mile for me, so personally I have been very happy with Brian, the gun and the CS he’s provided. 

    Actually, its not a bad situation....considering.


    I am going to inquire about getting a couple made and kept in my tool box.  As the stresses are on the linkage and this is the point where its a head on collision with a bus and a semi every shot, its good to know where most of the stress of the gun is going.  I am saying, I have shot with a friend that had a barrel link on a S_I break on stage 2 at USPSA Nats.  That is the stress point of conventional 1911 designs.  So he jumped to his backup.  I would rather be in a position that I swap out a locking block.  Just spinning a positive as I have had guns go down (and these are 9K+ guns mind you) with cracks etc.  I work in the steel world and understand the variations.......


    Just need the pistol in my hand so I can pound out 100K and test them.......

  6. Just wondering if there are any new design offerings forthcoming for the CMate or open pistols from CZ.

    As the Shadow 2 has been out for awhile now and the original SP01 based on CZ75B frames and subsequently the larger platforms, just curious as to whether there has been any news on pending design changes for their larger framed platforms (large as in caliber).

  7. So back to the Stock Master....any other feedback?  I have 2 Stock 2's that are fairly decked out (one needs to be shot is all) and getting PD slides made for them but may grab a Stock Master to play with.  I like the feel of the Stock 2 but when Eric Grauffel was in Canada he made me a stock 3 there and I seemed to just outright perform better with it.  That was 6 years ago and its been long gone when I moved to the US but am considering going back to that feel.

  8. 2 hours ago, IDAHOAASHOOTER said:

    I wouldnt at all, that extractor causes to many issues. Id put a top end on a edge with someone like Don at Venom Customs. 


    I'd try to sell whatever tangfo you have now and buy a cheap used gun, there is a shorty akai on here in 38sc. There was a cheap 38sc gun that was down to like 1850 it had a crack by the extractor but "ran fine". You could go that route and put a new slide on that and it'll be reliable.


    I watched and helped my good buddy for over a year trying to get his tangfo to run. Finally it did after getting sent off and like 500rds later the comp cracked.  


    So many matches ruined because of all types of feeding and extraction failures. Maybe you k ow a guy that knows a guy that can make em run. Just my personal experience dealing with a gold team for over a year. @Mlussoro can tell you all you wanna know about it. 



    But I am not worried about being, "cheap".

    I have had 20 Open 2011 variants (SVI/STI/Akai/Altas) in 38 SC.  So I do know the platform.  And I had a $9K pistol fail at USPSA Nats in 2015.


    My question is still the same.



  9. If you had the opportunity (I do) to have someone like PD build you a top end for 38 Supercomp, how many poppels would you drill (the V12 is a no go for me).  What comp would you use?  Personal experiences please.

  10. 22 hours ago, gnappi said:

    Since EAA does not (if they ever had) offer scope mounts for a frame mounted scope I think that's odd. I'd always thought that a frame mounted scope would be less problems than a slide mount, but so many use the slide mount, I wonder why EAA still drills and taps holes.


    Anyone here using a frame mounted optic like the one SSI has?



    They come from Tanfoglio direct drilled and tapped.  Not EAA.  The standard large frames are all drilled and tapped (not Stock2).


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