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  1. I see this when the brass is glocked pretty good. If the area and below the area of the marring is within spec. Run them thru a full sizing die and you should be good. Also looking at your picture, the brass still looks glocked but a pair of calibers will tell you if your Casepro dies are setup correctly. Again only measure the marring and below. From the marring to the top of the brass will be out of round.
  2. Photo showing difference between 9mm and 308 bullet plates. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UJqHHWtrfLOTsi9x2oy02tri_dg1l1PB/view?usp=sharing Photo showing difference between 9mm and 308 with extension plate for longer bullets. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-d6vrNau_dlNy4IeIpaDDMccAz4sU2OH/view?usp=sharing
  3. I can't believe it's been 3 years from taking this video but I hope it helps understanding why I flare the case mouth. It must be done so the bullet stays in the case when transferring stations. Also to answer your question as to how to bullet stands up. It's because the bullet plate is two to three times thicker than a pistol plate. I will upload a picture of it later today.
  4. I have only used flat bass bullets at this time on a progressive press. Same flare as with pistol cases, just not as much crimp on the rifle rounds. I run it on a 1050, so I have a seating die and crimp die. I believe you can get buy with a seating/crimp die in one station if you are not looking for match ammo. It’s just easier for me to use two stations.
  5. I'm using the 308 conversion kit for the Mr. Bulletfeeder. It works well with the Sierra TMKs. If your loading over 500 rounds at a time. It's worth the cost of the conversion.
  6. https://www.pscshootingclub.com/index.php Second Sunday of the month. Texas Southern Section will list other matches as well https://www.facebook.com/pg/TexasSouthUSPSA/about/?ref=page_internal
  7. I’m currently running the STM 40lb rotary tumbler. Love how much brass it can clean but hate the weight of it. If the motor burns out or I need more capacity. I will buy a cement mixer to replace it. The amount of area/time to dry the brass, should be a limiting factor at some point.
  8. May I ask why your case feeder looks so dirty? If I was home, I’d take a pic to compare to mine.
  9. May I ask what the brass will be used for, pistol/rifle, competition/target, etc?
  10. I have a 650 head with just a Dillon universal decapping die. All sizing is done on the Case Pro and 1050 after tumbling with the STM.
  11. +1 but I have only used it on jacketed bullets.
  12. Looks like the new case feeder is for sale now. Looking at the May Blue Press. Still don’t see anything on the CP-2000, website or paperback.
  13. It's a 1/2" wide rubber band that goes around the powder tube and drop spring. I had to do this for 30 cal rifle bullets but MBF supplied the rubber band and give a Staples replacement part number, if it brakes. I do not have the number on me at this time but if you would call MBF, they should be able to have it to you.
  14. It's pretty straight forward. I ordered dies for a .40. I had bought 9mm with the Case Pro. The .40's would oversized every time so I put some shim stock behind the back die to fix the problem. It was cheaper than sending them back to Mike for new ones. Again not much to it.
  15. Looks like the site http://wapc2016.com/ is back up.
  16. Is the server download? Where else can I find information on this match like entry forms, ammo shipping instructions, export/import of firearms, etc? Currently the only helpful link I have found is: http://www.police.govt.nz/advice/firearms/visitors-firearms-licence-and-import-permits, still looking over the US ATF web site for answers.
  17. I bought the RCBS chargemaster about a month after I started reloading with my first single stage press. My demand got higher than a 1000 rounds a month and was cheaper than buying a progressive press. Now that I own a couple of progressive presses, I hardly ever use the chargemaster, other than working up new loads. I do like it and it saves me a lot of time compared to a power trickler. But for 200 rounds a month, I don't know if I would buy one.
  18. Troy McManus's relay to my email this morning, "Tentatively July 1, unless something drastic happens."
  19. Don't know if this is the correct fix. But I added weight to the convertor on the tool head so it would only drop one at a time. Will add a photo later but I Ty-rapped three 5/8" nuts to it.
  20. I have the some process. Just looking at trying to cut out the corn cod step.
  21. Has anybody used this product? If so, could you give any detail on your process of using it?
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