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  1. The brass with the setback, wouldn't happen to be Federal, would it?
  2. What you are describing, sounds more like high primers, rather than bad primers.
  3. I carry a P30 or G19, IWB or in the front pocket of a Roadcrafter Jacket. I used to keep it in my tankbag, but I do quite a bit of long distance riding, usually avoiding the Interstates, and I want the pistol on me when I stop at some remote picnic area.
  4. WOW! Never thought I'd see something like that in the LA Times. They usually choose to "overlook" information like that.
  5. Me too! I understand what it does, I just don't understand the need.
  6. The mags for my carry guns are always loaded, and have been that way for years. I shoot the mags empty every six months or so, check the function, and reload with fresh ammo. The only mags that I have with weak springs, are the ones that I use for practice, and they constantly get loaded and unloaded. IMO constantly working the spring is harder on them than leaving them loaded. YMMV!
  7. It's all pretty much speculation right now, but I bet they will try much more than an AWB and 10+ magazine ban. I bet they will also go after online ammo and componet sales. I read this morning where Obama is going to place Joe biden in charge of crafting "new policies". That's certainly comforting!
  8. On the downstroke, the shell plate carring the case is moved to the top of the press where the dies are located, and the case is resized/deprimed, by the die in station one. On the upstroke,the shell plate is lowered toward a waiting primer at the bottom, and the priming mechanism extends to seat the primer when the handle is pushed forward after the upstroke.
  9. This is exactly what I think is gonna happen. I have already heard rumblings that would limit online sales of ammo to 500 rounds. Like the OP said, I can carry 3 single stack 10 rounders as easily as I can carry 2 15 rounders.
  10. Primer seating is not done with a die. Station one would be resize/deprime, so you couldn't prime there.EDIT I just looked at the LNL video on UTube and it does indeed look priming occurs on station one.
  11. I have heard of others having the same problem, and their cure was a small piece of tape, on the shaft and rotor.
  12. Glad to help. Usually, crap like that is bundled with, and gets installed when you install other programs. Be sure you read the "fine" print when installing anything to your machine, and you should be able to catch most of that before it gets installed.
  13. Here is a link. http://www.egwguns.com/undersized-reloading-dies/undersized-reloading-dies/
  14. Topic Torch is a browser toolbar (virus remover), ie crap. Here is a link to help you remove/uninstall it. https://www.google.com/search?q=topic+torch&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a
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