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  1. where are you located and what caliber? i have 6 of them, older late 80s units, 2 in 40cal 2 in 38, 9mm and 45 are at a guys shop now getting worked over. the 4 i have here i'd value around 4-5k with feeders
  2. going to revive this old thread rather than start a new one but is it possible to buy just the larger collator? we already have 4 Mr bullet feeders and piles of accessories for these so we don't want to spend $900 or so on each just for the larger feeder
  3. i have 2 RL 1050s, would they warranty those?
  4. lol "suck at sorting", i guess i do if i'm not about to hand sort 100 gallons of brass at a clip looking for 380s and the like
  5. i see that, however a loaded ammobot 1050 is much better since it can actually kick out the bad pieces of brass and like 1/4th the price.
  6. how does that priming system work, do you guys like it and is it as easy as it looks?
  7. you can convert the press back but it takes time, the craig system uses a constant drive system so he uses a custom cam like rotating base assembly to get that, i don't see why craig couldn't sell you the new motor and control parts to update your unit. also what would you want for the autodrive set up? you can PM me if you like.
  8. yes that there, RCBS had one as well but i don't see anyone using them. guessing they don't work?
  9. RCBS and Hornady seem to have feeder/dies that do this in one station at the same time. however i don't see anyone running them or even really any info on them minus a few places selling them. anyone here try one? i am guessing they don't work well if at all?
  10. we only load primed and processed brass so it just goes and goes and goes unless there is a jam. i can see the larger collator being better as i can put 500 bullets in there and have less monitoring. aside from the materials in the actual feeder die on the tool head is there anything else that is different, does it still work the same way? steel bearings or delrin? we've used the delrin but they wear out and will stick then dump all the bullets out at once. any experience with steel?
  11. they need to make a mod on this where you can double it up, have it feed cases at both the 6 and 12 o'clock positions to load already primed/processed brass. we only load processed brass, weather we prime it ourselves or buy it primed depends on cost and availability but it's just soooooooooo much smoother to run pre primed brass. feed, powder drop, bullet drop, seat, crimp, eject fro stations 1-5 and then same with stations 6-10. then it would run "slow enough" that regular Dillon case feeders and the mr. bullet feeder will work fine, plus most of us already have those things along with lower cost. with this set up 1500 strokes would be 3,000 rounds an hour without the need to speed it up which is when things tend to go wrong and crash. if the end user still wan'ts to run the thing fast 2,000 strokes an hour would be 4,000 rounds, that's in the area of $30,000+ machines. plate would rotate slower to make 2x the rounds, possibly if the end user wan'ts to get really crazy 2 different calibers, say 9mm and 45. the company i am with has zero interest in a revolution due to cost vs the production numbers. we run 3 mk7 1050s and 5 ammoloads. if a stripped down revolution set up the same way as i described above were available without feders in say the $5,000, maybe $6,000 with some sensors we'd be buying some for sure, if they work as well as the conecpt we'd be selling off all the ammoloads (around 3500rph) and going to a duel revolution that could do 4k+ at a fraction of the cost.
  12. i loaded another 500rds of 40cal today on the 1050 with out the mech on there. i didn't notice it not being there till later on, i guess i'm still up in the air about it. it's ok and yes if you are setting up a machine or tweaking a load yes it's annoying. other than that i think i like it.
  13. pics of the new set up with the o ring? i have their old set up. anyone use this on an automated set up?
  14. read for a while that no one likes the ratchet mech that is on the 1050, reloaded with that working the first time and i love the thing. i've done a lot with out it before since the previous owner broke a bolt off in there so mine never worked. what's so bad about it?
  15. i run mine with just the bearing, makes it smoother although the bearing tends to slide out from under the retainer a bit. def worth it since you can really lock the shell plate down.
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