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  1. I have a 1/16 punch made by Grace USA bought on amazon. It fits the safety pin perfectly.
  2. Thanks for the info! I just went over there and "followed".
  3. Thanks haha. I do reload. Started off on the Redding Big Boss 2 and now I have a Dillon 650. I don't reload for all of my calibers yet. Just 7mmLRM, 480 Ruger, 45(LC), 44-40 and 44 mag. I still have store-bought 9mm and 223 I'm working through but I'm saving the brass. I don't reload shotgun yet but my wife shoots 28ga so it might make sense at some point.
  4. Thanks! I'm in Tucson. Just updated my profile info.
  5. Hello all, Been on here for a while but never posted. I have always been a 1911 guy (dad is retired Marine) but also bought a Glock within the last year. I've used the Glock 17 at 2 steel challenges and had a good time even though I was basically last place (first competitions). Just bought a Tanfoglio Stock 2 in 9mm so I will be more involved in the forums. Look forward to the insight. I don't expect to post too much as I will search thoroughly before posting. Excited to improve! -
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