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  1. I use a Comp-Tac OWB holster for my P226 Tacops. 40. I've used the holster in IDPA and Steel Challenge matches with no problems whatsoever. Michael Backus via Tapatalk
  2. I purchased one of the 'Premium Select' grade K98 Mauser rifles from Mitchell's and am very happy with it. While it doesn't have the collector value of some other Mausers it is a great shooter and is nicely refurbished. If you want a Mauser that shoots well and looks nice you can't beat what Mitchell's offers. If however you are looking for a rifle with collector value you will want to look elsewhere. I knew what I was purchasing when I placed my order and I received exactly what I wanted. Be an informed buyer. Michael Backus via Tapatalk
  3. This bunch of opportunists needs to go out of business...!!! They can take their $60 PMAGS and stick them where the sun never shines... I for one will no longer shop with them... MidwayUSA has better service anyway...!!! Michael Backus via Tapatalk
  4. +1 for Brian...!!! I have purchased two Dillon 550's with all the trimmings from Brian over the past couple of months and couldn't be more pleased with his service and website... Great place to do business...!!! Michael Backus via Tapatalk
  5. +1 for the Benelli Super Nova... I've shot mine plenty with no hiccups... As others have said, nice big loading port, loading gate stays out of the way, points and shoots nicely. Michael Backus via Tapatalk
  6. "You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try." Beverly Sills Michael Backus via Tapatalk
  7. My name is Michael and I'm a new reloader from the gun friendly state of Utah. I just purchased and received my new Dillon 550B from Brian and am quite pleased with the service he provided. I am looking forward to assembling my reloading bench and getting my new Dillon press assembled and operational over the next couple of weeks. I am happy I found this forum as there is a plethora of good information here. I plan on starting out reloading 9mm but eventually I will reload some 38 special as well as some 308 Win and 5.56/.223 and perhaps some 7.5x55 Swiss. Michael Backus via Tapatalk
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