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  1. I can't seem to figure out how to generate the webfile for uploading to uspsa. I had no problem for three months, didn't have a match in December and now with this version of Practiscore on an ios device I can't find where it generates the webfile. It's driving me nuts. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. She said as long as I hang it in the garage she's good. I removed the prototype and the only difference I can see is the mounting tabs on the lower feeder assembly where the countersunk mounting screws go. The mounting tabs are angled down a couple of degrees. Also the prototype housing is two piece instead of one piece.
  3. Yes I have been using it and it has worked ok. I still have issues with the case bouncing back from the shell plate every 4 or 5 cases but that appears to be normal if the the feeder is not fine tuned. It is probably just me not getting the right adjustment. I can't see any obvious differences other than a cap head screw on the lower rh side of the prototype, but I have not removed it from the press yet.
  4. The Fedex truck showed up at the house a few minutes ago. Surprise, it was from Dillon. I didn't order anything recently and the wife said she certainly didn't place an order. It turns out the 550 casefeeder I bought back in September was inadvertently shipped with a prototype case feed plunger housing as part of the lower feeder assembly. Dillon sent me the production lower feeder assembly with a prepaid return label for the prototype. They also sent a 2015 Dillon calendar to which my wife immediately feigned disgust.
  5. I shot my first ever hand loads the other day (40 SW). My first reaction was Wow! What a great feeling! Even thought I was meticulous etc, I still had a little bit of concern something might go boom. Everything worked well, now I just need to work up larger batches to zero in on what it takes for me to consistently reach major pf. It looks like it is going to be around 5.6-5.7 gr of 231 with precision delta 165 gr fmj CCI primers and Starline brass and 1.120 oal. (I have a Chrono) I know different reloading handbooks may differ in their data some, but I was surprised at the spread I found between Lyman and Speer. EX: Both handbooks show for a 165 gr Speer TMJ #4410 bullet and W231 the following: Lyman - 5.2-5.8 Speer 5.8-6.3 I'm just a little confused that the Speer manual would have a start load equal to the max load in the Lyman manual. OAL's were the same, Lyman used a universal receiver and Speer a Smith & Wesson M4006.
  6. Six-gun, Bamboo, Wide, Thanks for the feedback. I would feel better if was all Safari Arms or all Springfield A for sure. My first thought on seeing it was "Frankengun" LOL! Something tells me it might be a "monster" when it comes to feeding issues, etc. This is definitely the bastard stepchild of all the guns the previous owner had. The other 45's he owned were Kimber or Wilson Combat. The only way to know for sure is to go shoot it to see if it fits me etc. but at $600 I am leaning toward Six-guns suggestion of putting the money toward a future purchase of an STI or similar quality 45. I'm an engineer and mechanic but I'm certainly no welder or gunsmith.
  7. I'm a noob to shooting in general but especially when it comes to 1911's. I have this Safari Arms / Springfield Armory on loan to me with the chance to buy it for $600. The owner recently passed away and his nephew is selling it. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet. I am considering it for a range gun, not to compete with. I have researched Safari Arms / Olympic Arms but I have some questions: 1) Why the SA frame and Springfield armory slide? 2) Is this gun worth $600, assuming it functions well when I shoot it, or should I put that money toward a future purchase, such as a Springfield Armory Range Officer or other similar 1911? I was not planning on buying a 1911 but since this opportunity came up I thought why not? The nephew has a couple of other 45's but they are not full sized.
  8. Buzi, there were one each of the Hercules cardboard tube containers of red and green dot that weren't in the pictures. They were well used with only about 25-30% left in the containers. I have now had a chance to pour out a sample from all of the containers that are not at full weight and did a visual and smell test. Every one had that good solvent smell and no signs of red dust so I'm calling it all good. I'm loading up my first batch of 40sw with the 231 right now. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, nj mike: I am keeping most of it, don’t have a 9mm or 45 ACP yet but might as well keep the brass and bullets since I'll probably aquire those caliber guns eventually. Jmorris: That’s what I thought, only someone really desperate or with a lot of disposable income would pay that much. I’m thinking Starline prices plus primers is more realistic. Probike101: As I mentioned in the post I’m keeping the titegroup for sure. Any powder I sell will be locally, sorry. David H: Good advice. I don’t want any legal issues. I’ll let the Nephew decide if he wants it back or he wants me to break it down. I’m tempted to shoot the 40 cal ammo myself. But there’s not enough of it to risk it I guess. I'll probably sell the .357 brass, bullets, HP38 powder and keep the rest. Anyone know if I can look up powder lot #'s on the manufacturer's websites?
  10. A friend of my wife’s coworker allowed me to come over to his recently deceased uncle’s house to look through some reloading stuff. I was looking for a tumbler as it is the only component I don’t have yet. After going through some of the supplies, the nephew told me to just take all the reloading stuff and sell it and we will split the money. I plan on buying a large part of the stuff myself. (Primer shortage solved!) I plan on selling the remainder for 70% of what reasonable retailers are asking. Questions: 1) Would you buy powder at that price that had not been opened or had been opened but appears to be good (smell, look, no “red dust” etc.) that might be a few years old? (Powders were stored indoor) 2) There is some misc. hand loaded ammo. How should I price that? I know some people won’t shoot someone else’s loads. 3) The prices I see for new RP brass seem really high compared to say Starline. Ex: on Dillon site, 1000 new RP 45acp primed is $432. How ridiculously priced is that? I plan on keeping the 231 and Titegroup and maybe another but I’m not sure which. The 700X is a versatile powder right? I will be loading 40sw for now and 9mm later, maybe 45. I can’t believe how lucky I got on this. I went from buying equipment and supplies to start loading in the last two months and paid $35 for primers at my local gun shop, to having about 15k primers and a great price. (Was in there last week and they are now $39!) I was thinking about loading everything I want to sell and showing up at one of the local matches. Maybe I shouldn’t take the powder, or just keep it in a cooler to keep the temp more stable and getting too hot. Any suggestions on what to keep, what to sell etc. would be appreciated since I am a rookie at this. I haven’t even loaded my first round yet! Planning on doing that later today. (my Starline brass finally showed up!)
  11. Just got my brass so thought I'd post a picture of my reloading bench. I got if for half price around Xmas at Home Depot ($100). It's a start. I bolted a 2x4 to a couple of wall studs and attached the bench to it with brackets.
  12. Yes Steve, I intend to do just that.
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