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  1. Please keep us updated DC!
  2. You'll want to get the GG competition trigger kit if you wanna lower the pull weight. The only downside with the GG kit is that it feels less clicky and less crispy. This is based on my experience comparing it to a standard X5 trigger. Does anyone know the exact differences between the standard X5 trigger and the Legion trigger??
  3. Is everyone receiving these grip modules without the magwell??
  4. Do you guys think the tungsten guide rods are worth the cost?
  5. For those that have built Glocks from P80 frames, can you guys tell me which magwells will work with these frames? It's my understanding that not all magwells will work. I have tried a Zev speed feed magwell and it does not fit.
  6. Whatever you do, I'd recommend staying away from Lone Wolf parts. I've not had good luck with them.
  7. Do you guys know if anyone makes a magwell for an MP45?
  8. After shooting the Shield out of the box, the next thing I did was swap out the trigger and it was night and day.
  9. This happens on my non-pro models as well... its not very consistent though.
  10. Been using all black here and so far its been fine.
  11. Have the polymer version made by Costa and it works great
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