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  1. The information is available on the web site, but one bit of advice. Show up early, and use the directions to the range that are on the web site. DO NOT use GPS to get there it will drop you off about 2 miles short and you could end up on one of the other three roads in the area that have the same name. You will have a ball!
  2. Hay Mike. I wish you could go. Don't worry I will have enough fun for more than one person.
  3. Thanks Smitty for the update on stages. I have to add for you folks that may be thinking about not going because you aren't going to get a bag of gun lube and some stickers or because there is not a prize table, you could be making the biggest mistake of your life. this is only my 4th Florida Open but without a doubt the best match I have ever shot. It will Kick your A$$ and you will walk away having had the most fun at a challenging match you have ever had. DON'T MISS OUT!
  4. Dan Bedell did some work for me on an open gun and strongly discouraged me from getting the gun hard chromed. I highly respect his opinion. I opted for the Robar NP3 + self lubricating finish. you might want to check it out.
  5. I ordered the steel grip from them with the basic texture. I wish I got the aggressive texture.
  6. I have both a 9mm and a 38. I love the 9 because brass is cheep and I do not feel the need to crawl around on the ground to pick up every last piece of brass that I shoot. yes you can re barrel a gun but it can take some time and could cost half as much as the gun did in the first place.
  7. Allen Ziita in VT makes an outstanding it is made from multiple parts and costs around $1,200. that said I want one and it is hard not only to come up with the money but equally hard to get him to commit to building one. He seems to focus on 3-Gun ARs. and AKs. Aside from that I love the Bedell Titanium.
  8. If you have SV mags you won't need spacers. Although, there is a very slim chance that this could be an easy job. To fit a new barrel you will need a good gunsmith. Simply put this is not a job for the OK local gun smith. It is likely that the slide, barrel, comp or more than one will need milled to fit. To go from 38 Super to 9MM you are also going to want to replace the extracted with an Aftech. Parts will run $300-4600. Also, Major 9 mm open guns are much harder to build, so it could require some serious tweaking as pert of the conversion process. You could end up with a bill for $300-$800 in labor. If you are willing to discard the 38 barrel and don't want to be able to switch back and forth, your price will be much lower, and the work will be finished much quicker. Finally expect the 2 week quote to finish the job to turn into 4-8 months. Remember most Gunsmiths, although they are nice guys with skills and good intentions are like black holes. The nearer your gun gets to one the more time slows down.
  9. Sorry for the late post. but next time I am sure you can get it from www.shootersconnection.com
  10. Buy what you want the first time. I have a Trubore that was customized by Dan Bedell and although I truly love the gun one year after purchasing it I started buying the parts for another gun.
  11. Italian Gun Grease makes a fantastic cleaner for optics. I love it. https://italiangungrease.com
  12. I am running four old SV mags and did not have to make any mods for my Open gun.
  13. If you are making the full move to open I recommend the Match Master. It will give you the confidence you need to shoot major matches and should run well. However if you plan to go back and forth between two divisions like I do I the shorter gun (Match Master) with the sideways mounted optic will shoot a lot more like your limited or production guns. This will aid in the transition back and forth.
  14. I thought bullets were bullets until i shot Xtreme bullets. I have experienced key holes in both 9mm and 40 S&W. I would not recommend for competitive shooting.
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