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  1. Thanks again for all the input! After speaking with LaRue as well, going with a 0moa mount as the distances I will be shooting at the MG matches I attend won't be much over 400 yds. It looks as if the built in mos cant on scope mounts is more for longer applications. Bobro pretty much said the same thing. Appreciate all the input, it definitely was a big help.
  2. I really appreciate all the great input. Think I'm going to go with a 0moa rig, thanks everyone!
  3. Switching from an eotech with magnifier to a 1-6x scope for 3-gun. I like the idea of some moa built into the scope mount but have heard that this may cause some target orientation problems at 1x power on close range. Sure would appreciate some input from fellow 3-gunners with knowledge/experience with this. Thanks!
  4. If anyone knows Brian, maybe they could ask him and report back? Probably not a good association for Mr Enos at this point in time......
  5. Yes, the fact that this is not Mark Otto's business is mentioned twice in this string of posts. Once again, the business practices of Tom Buchanan that are being questioned here, NOT Mark Otto.
  6. Jackstraw, thanks, you certainly went above and beyond trying to get your order completed. This is very weird because Melissa5 (above) seems to have gotten her order fulfilled. BTW, the name of the person running this business is Thomas Buchanan, NOT Mark Otto. Anyway, I am canceling my order with this company and would advise anyone to not do business with him, he obviously gives a rats *#+> about his customers. Thanks to everyone for their insight and input
  7. Thanks for that. Does it perform any better than the Wheaton brake that lancer rifles used (maybe still do?)to have??
  8. Anyone have experience or knowledge of these? I like the fact that the top ports can be tuned with the supplied inserts, and Lancer puts out some pretty well designed stuff. Currently running a Surefire and it really gives me a lot of movement to the left, my sight picture is all over the place. Also looking at the dreadnaught. Would appreciate any input, thanks!
  9. Thanks Bigsamson. Yeah, this is a very weird outfit, I wonder if the guy(Thomas Bucanon) is still breathing. My order was placed January 27, no goods, nothing, can't even leave a phone message Everyone....buyer beware
  10. Well that's at least one of us! Guess he hasn't gone out of business. I placed my order about a week or two before you, guess he favors the ladies first, lol! Thanks for letting me know, hopefully mine is not too far behind.
  11. Ok, thanks, I stand corrected, this is NOT a Mark Otto business! Thanks for the correction. Does anyone know whats up with Mark (or possibly Thomas Buchanan)?
  12. Thanks for the replies so far. Looks like this business has a very "on again/off again" reputation and is very inconsistent in how they deal with their customers, going back quite a ways. It appears this business is Mark Otto's. 3gungear.com is his website. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him? Thanks again.
  13. That's what I'm hoping for. Anyone out there in the Valley of the Sun got any insight on this company?
  14. Does anyone know what's going on with this aftermarket provider of firearms accessories? I have been trying to reach them regarding an order I placed on January 27th to no avail. Their phone messages memory indicates full (has for a month) and there has been no response to my email. Have they gone out of business? I got an email confirmation back from Thomas Buchanan when I placed the order, that's the last I have heard from anyone for 6 weeks. This is a Scottsdale, AZ company I believe. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.
  15. Poortrader, thank you for this info (sorry it took so long to say thanks, I've been sick). Looks just like what we need! Thanks again,
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