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  1. I purchased the P-09 guide rod from CGW. They said I would have to trim it down. They didn't say anything about it being to "soft". If possible; can you please tell me why they said this. Is it safe to use with the P10F? Thanks!
  2. How did you take apart the captured stock guide rod and install the 15lb spring?
  3. The guide rod for the P09 sticks out about a half inch on the P10F.
  4. Yes, bought the P09 guide rod. Had to trim it down a little.
  5. I recently purchased the CGW SS guide rod and the 15# flat spring for my P10F. The only springs they have are the 15# and 18# springs. I have not shot it yet. I was wondering if a 1911 round style spring would work in the P10 series of guns? That way it would be easy to go down to 13# or so. Anyone that has some advice, please help! Thank you!
  6. I ordered a P-09 SS guide rod for my P10 F. Do I have to use the flat style spring? Or, can I use a standard 1911 spring? Thanks!
  7. Romeo 1 on a X5 320. I have a CZ P10F . have the optic plate for a Romeo 1 from CZ Custom.
  8. Re: Optics on the CZ P10F I know of a shooter that started off with Vortex brand. He had many problems. Switched to a Sig Romeo 1. How does the Romeo 1 compare in quality to the others?
  9. I have shot this S&W Pro 9mm in five USPSA matches. Not a single problem so far.
  10. I bought 5 Dawson 10 round magazines for my S&W 1911 Pro 9mm. Have not had one feeding issue. They have the competition base pad. I have shot in in USPSA SS division.
  11. I took it to the local Ace Hardware store and found one that fit. Sorry, I don't recall the size. I called CZ USA they said they don't carry those parts. Said I should call CZ Custom.
  12. My Shadow 2 was the same. I shot a Steel Challenge match. I had to aim about 8 inches to the right to get hits on steel. I loosened the two set screws and tapped the sight over. I did strip out one of the set screws. You may want to heat them up before trying to remove.
  13. I don't know. You would have to call S&W to find out who the supplier is.
  14. Macinaw

    Shadow 2 Grips

    LOK Boggies.
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