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  1. I sit when I reload. The press is mounted without the strong mount, just bolted to table.
  2. I installed the roller handle from inline fabrication and what a difference!! So much better leverage, easy on the shoulder. If you are contemplating on ordering one or not, dont! Just spend the money and get one. The price is about the same as the Dillon one.
  3. Awesome! Did you get the 550? Just watch some setup videos on youtube. 76Highboy Reloading has some great setup videos for the 550B (wich is the same machine as the 550C, just grease fittings upgrade). His videos are long but well worth the step by step setup instruction! Dillon 550 Unboxing 76Highboy Reloading
  4. This past Christmas I received a 550C. I was using the Lee pro 1000 for 223 and 45 for 4 or 5 years.I was always frustrated with the machines priming system problems. After a batch of 223 with no primers, variations in powder charges, etc. I said no more!! I then asked for the 550. It is now very enjoyable to not only make hundreds of bullets without any "tinkering", but caliber changes are very quick and easy. I really enjoy the 550!!
  5. Hi and happy New year to everyone!! I just got upgraded from Santa to a Dillon 550C from a Lee pro 1000. I load .223 and .45 ACP only. Santa brought me both calibers and both conversion kits with powder hoppers for Christmas. I just loaded my first batch of Hornady 55 gr. bullets with Hodgdon 335 powder and the Dillon didn't miss a beat!! So much more enjoyable then the Lee Pro 1000. I can't wait to load some .45ACP with it!
  6. OMG, I reloaded about 200 rounds of .223 with H335 and Hornady 55 grain bullets to day on my 550C Santa brought me for Christmas. Stepping up from a Lee Pro 1000 to the 550C was like driving a Porsche 911 (which I owned years ago) to driving a ford escort. What a consistent smooth fun machine to use The powder throws were dead on, the OAL was as I set the first one to the last. (using Dillon dies) I cant wait to use my caliber conversion kit for the .45 acp with dedicated tool head and powder hopper. THANK YOU Dillon Precision!
  7. Thanks for the reply! It sounds like the bulb I picked up will be to large for the center hole. I guess I can angle it off the side and aim it towards the bullet seating die so I can check the powder level. Thanks again!!
  8. I am getting a 550C for Christmas from my AWESOME Wife. I picked up a couple of LED bulbs that are .630 .O.D. I am looking for the center hole size on the 550C tool head for my own light. I hope this bulb will fit. Can anyone give me the size of the 550C tool head center hole? Thanks in advance!!