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  1. I have been through most of these fixes over time, usually would make it better but would seem to soon be back. As mentioned by most, it usually was just a little bit off and always to the outside, so I installed a small air blow just below the sizing die mouth. Just a very little air flow to rock the case as it comes up to the die. It also had an added benefit of keeping loose powder off the shell plate.
  2. Sherwyn,

    Has the match hotel been posted yet?

    I'm assuming that it's the Holiday Inn again.

    If so, is there a special room rate to ask for?

  3. Guess it doesn't really surprise me. When they told me then, I tested Win small rifle vs Fed small pistol mag in 175 PF 38 super loads, could not tell any difference in velocity and fired primer apperance was better with the Fed...I know not a good indicator. But I don't think I ever loaded any in 223. Some guys may also remember that Winchester said their primers didn't change when they went from white box to blue box packaging. So - for me bottom line is do your own testing. Sherwyn
  4. During the last primer shortage. I was told by Federal that their small pistol magnum primer and small rifle primers are the same in different packaging. Sherwyn
  5. I've used a few HAP bullets over the last years. Have used boxes marked .355 and .356, sometimes from the same order. I have miked them from both and all mine have always been .356. Put them in super barrels cut for .356 and now using them in 9mm Major with barrels cut for .355, no problems with either. My supply should make it through this year, but looks like the Hornady price increases being higher than others will make me look at something else. Sherwyn
  6. Wise old man once told me... "Everyone like a little ass, but nobody likes a smartass"
  7. Must not have got the pictures shrunk enough to get them both in one post?
  8. Finally had the camera out when I thought of taking a picture of my bench. Had to low mount the 1050 and add an armrest since I like to reload sitting down.
  9. When I first tried it, I used a small compressor (worked fine, but have a cheap one and it is noisy). But since I happen to have a permanent compressor in my shop, I just ran a small air line to a holding tank by my bench. Really handy to have air available. Sherwyn
  10. I had problems with crushing cases and cases not feeding into shell plate all the way. I added a small air blow by attaching a length of 1/16" copper tubing to the case feed support. I flattened the end of the tube to create a fan pattern of air. Then bent the tubing so it blew just below the sizing die. As case moves up to die, the air pushes it fully into place. Small valve was used to regulate air flow - it really doesn't take much.
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