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  1. I have seen this happen with some new guide rods. Check the top corners of the rod head where it sits against the frame. Sometimes the guide head will slightly rotate and allow the sharp edge to dig into the rail of the slide. Round the top corners of the guide rod head and issue went away for me. Sherwyn
  2. Loctite 272 high temp - usually available at auto parts store - it is used to hold some GM products together
  3. They are finicky, if you change primer brands. Usually the issue is moving things too far when trying to make adjustments. .005" change in position of the guides will make a difference. I usually use a caliper to measure position before I make any change. If you get really frustrated, I could use a second one Sherwyn
  4. January 15-17: Florida State Championship, Frostproof, FL February 06-07: 2016 Dixie Cup Championship, St George, UT <need match URL> sign up here 18-21: 2016 Florida Open, Frostproof, FL 27-28: 2nd annual Bad Beat Shoot Out, Henderson, NV March 02-06: Rio Salado Desert Classic/Area 2 Championship, Mesa, AZ 11-12: 2016 Alabama Sectional Championship, Dothan, AL 17-20: Taran Tactical Innovations 2016 Zion Classic, St George, UT <need match URL> sign up here 31-03: 2016 IPSC Jamaica Invitational Pistol Tournament (JIPT), Kingston, Jamaica April 01-03: 2016 IPSC Jamaica Invitational Pistol Tournament (JIPT), Kingston, Jamaica 01-03: JABS Extreme Steel Target Challenge, Dothan, AL <need match url> sign up here 07-09: South Carolina State Championship, Charleston, SC 08-09: Battle in the Bluegrass VII, Wilmore, KY. 09-09: TAC-5 Challenge Richmond, KS 08-10: Iron Outlaw Steel Match, Fredericksburg,VA 09-10: 2016 Berry's Steel Open, St George, UT 21-24: FNH USA 2016 Area 6 Championship,Covington,GA 22-24: 2016 Indiana SS PRO REV State Championship, Atlanta, IN <need match URL> Sign Up Here May 04-07: 2016 Single Stack Classic/USPSA Single Stack Nationals, Barry, IL 07-07: 2016 Cowtown Classic, Cresson, TX 08-08: 2016 USPSA Revolver Nationals, Barry, IL 11-15: USPSA Area 1 Championship, Salt Lake City, UT 20-22: USPSA VA/MD Sectional, Fredericksbug,VA <need match url> sign up here 27-29: 2016 Ohio CK Arms Buckeye Blast (will post sign up link when active) sign up here 29-31: EEO 2016 Prematch, Hodonice,Czech Republic June 02-04: EEO 2016 Main Match, Hodonice,Czech Republic 03-05: The Infinity US Open,Cresson, TX 03-05: Rocky Mountain 300, Eaton CA 10-12: The STI Double Tap Championship 2016, Wichita Falls, TX <need match URL> sign up here 17-19: Mile High Showdown, Ramah CO 25-26: Briley West Coast Steel Championships, Piru, CA July 09-10: USPSA Area 7 Championship, Augusta, ME 15-17: 2016 FAS & Furious Alaska Sectional, Fairbanks, AK 28-31: 2016 Jamaica Cup (Handgun) - IPSC Level 3 Match, May Pen, Jamaica 28-31: 2016 Hornady Area 3 Championship Grand Island, NE August 05-07: 2016 Michigan Sectional, Brooklyn,MI 11-13: USPSA Production Nationals, Barry, IL 14-14: USPSA Carry Optic Nationals, Barry, IL 18-21: USPSA Area 5 Championship, Lodi, WI 25-27: World Speed Shooting Championships, San Luis Obispo, CA 27-28: Georgia State Championship, Dawsonville, GA September 01-04: Oil Field Classic, Bellville, TX 16-18: Tennessee Atomic Blast, Tennessee Sectional, Oak Ridge TN 16-18: IPSC Nationals, Frostproof, FL 16-18: 2016 Iowa Section Championship, Elkhart IA 23-25: East Coast Regional Steel Challenge Championship, Orefield, Pa 30-02: Western PA Section, North Versailles, PA <need match URL> October 02-04: USPSA Limited Nationals, Frostproof FL 06-08: USPSA Open / L10 Nationals, Frostproof, FL 28-30: Silver Bullet Production/Single Stack Championship, Reno NV November 26-27: 2016 Woodleigh Fast and Furious (Handgun) - IPSC Level 3 Match, May Pen, Jamaica December Added -- Area 3
  5. Agreed. Shoot them. Some run rifle primers in everything with no ill affects I would be one of those... Did a lot of testing when primers were REALLY hard to find. I usually had about 10-20 fps increase when going from small pistol to either small rifle or small pistol mag when loading 9 major. standard 9mm load had smaller difference. If you have been around a while, you might remember a time when Federal had the same primer for spm and sr Sherwyn
  6. It has been a long, LONG time since Colt built a quality product. Nothing that has happened recently would be any reason to reconsider.
  7. I have been through most of these fixes over time, usually would make it better but would seem to soon be back. As mentioned by most, it usually was just a little bit off and always to the outside, so I installed a small air blow just below the sizing die mouth. Just a very little air flow to rock the case as it comes up to the die. It also had an added benefit of keeping loose powder off the shell plate.
  8. I feel the main thing would be a Lee/EGW undersize resizer. Then a micrometer style seating die and a taper crimp die. Sherwyn
  9. Reload it and don't worry. I normally only tumble for our match ammo Usually brass for practice ammo goes straight to the press. Still using the first U-die I purchased MANY years ago - may be several hundreds of thousand rounds. Sherwyn
  10. I have carried nothing but 170mm mags for years, of all the things we try to keep consistent why not the mags as well? Once I got used to the reload with 170mm, everything always feels the same....but I like a heavy feel anyway. Sherwyn
  11. New to find a source for side charge bolt handle only. I have an ar that was modified to use right side charge bolt handle, but the handle is missing. 1/4 x 28 thread on the attachment bolt. Prefer something about 5/8"-3/4" round and about 3/4" long. Anyone know where it can be purchased? Thanks, Sherwyn
  12. 3.5 pounds Tried lighter many times, but just never saw any advantage that outweighed the risk and cost. Put in good parts, set it at 3.5 and forget it. the lighter the trigger pull the higher the risk and the higher the maintenance to keep it working. Sometimes the classic trigger freeze is just a light trigger that didn't reset fast enough. Sherwyn
  13. Wondering if Paypal has changed it's guidelines toward guns? When I renewed my NRA instructor certification there was a Paypal option. And I just received a Dick's sporting good promo with a discount if using Paypal?
  14. Yes there are a few spots left for Sat/Sun and lots of room on Friday Sherwyn
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