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  1. I just purchased a stainless STI magwell from your store and was hoping you could tell me how much needs to be milled off each side to fit into the IDAP box. Thanks, Tom
  2. I would Ask them where they source them from or if they can recommend where to get them. It's not like Wilson just to pass you on...
  3. You win, it doesn't. Just most right handed people think we left handed poeple are bass ackwards. It does effect other things. That is for another topic......
  4. Jade, On a five shot average my PF is 132.5 so it looks like I'm in the ball park.
  5. You will probably need to call Wilson on that one. I had to do the same thing for my Spec Ops.
  6. The muzzle not moving doesn't always mean they are shooting powder puff loads, btw. Yes, it just looks like they are shooting light loads. They have great control.
  7. Kyle, thanks for the links. I'll give the timing drill a workout this weekend. I do find myself relaxing my grip from time to time and sending off flyers. I'm left handed, which I know is my biggest problem, so Im going to look closely at my right (weak) hand grip. Ordered a 17# spring too. Ready for the weekend!
  8. It's you. Ben, please give me your input. What do you think I need to do to correct it?
  9. Steve, thanks for the input. We are practicing Saturday and I will have someone watch. Jade, The last time I check the PF it was around 123 to 125. I bumped up my load from 3.9 to 4.1. I'll check it again tomorrow. I'll take some of those magic springs too. Isn't this posted in the magic springs forum?
  10. I don't always double tap. But I do rush it some. Why am I only noticing it with my Glock? Is it the weight of the pistol? I see some guys shoot what seems to be powder puff loads and their muzzle doesn't move at all. I like heavier loads.
  11. Do you call the second shot when you double tap? After it happens, I certainly can call with out looking that the second shot will be high.
  12. Here is my setup: Glock 34 Gen 4 Zev Tech Fulcum Trigger Zev Tech Standard Power Firing Pin Spring ISMI 15# Spring SS Guide Rod Precision Delta 124 FMJ Tite Group 4.1 at 1.1 OAL CCI Primer I am not sure it’s me or the gun is jumping too much. When shooting 2-shots fast, a lot of times my follow up shots will be very high. Many times if I hit the zero on IDPA target my follow up will be a head shot. While they are both zero’s, that’s not what I was pushing for. I don’t notice it when shooting my Kimber 1911 9mm, Wilson Spec Ops 9mm or a SV2011 45ACP. I have also tried the Zev Tech bl
  13. You can find them at Brazos' store at http://www.1911store.com/store.asp Being this is my first SV double stack I was mistaken in that I thought I needed the 10-rounders because of the length of the magazine. Actually, I order the 12-rounders which are the same length. Tennessee has no restriction. They had both in stock. They were also very knowledgeable and helpful on the phone and I will do business with them again. Tom
  14. Does anyone have a good source for some 10 round 45 ACP magazines. I have searched around on google with out much luck. I have an older SVI frame. Thanks!
  15. Another good version of this is to hold a penny in between the bottom of the gripper handles. If you open them even slightly the penny will fall. It gives you a great indication of how well you are actually holding them closed.
  16. Not trying to stir the nest. Did you mean the gun runs fine with the stock magazine and doesn't with the 10mm tripp magazines. You are having changes done to your barrel because you don't want to use stock mags? I think it was mentioned that the stock magazine has an offset (shoulder) the pushes the bullet forward and the 10 mm trip doesn't. Does Tripp 40 magazine have the offset (shoulder)? Did I miss something to why you are trying to use 10 mm magazines? Trying to learn. Just bought a Trojan.
  17. Bob, All the things you mention check out. There just something a miss here with this pistol because it keeps showing up in the shops. Its in Mt Juliet now and was in Murfreesboro earlier. I was thinking of using it for IDPA CDP and retiring my Kimber. I just don't have the money right now to throw at it if it doesn't pan out. While they have offered a return if it doesn't function properly, I am still reluctant. Tom
  18. Thanks for all the input. I am going to pass on it. I don't need a problem child on my hands. Everyone have a great weekend. Tom
  19. Well, I went and looked at it again. The original gun smith is not available. It looks a little rough. While it’s tight the builder didn’t do a really nice finish job on the grip and some of the fitting of the internals. Nothing that a few hours of polishing could rectify. Would 800.00 be a fair price? Tom
  20. Not a clue. I would have to tear it down. The hammer is pictured. Tom
  21. Yea, I don't trust them. I ran a few snap caps through it and did the pencil shooting trick. It seems to function well. It is tight with a decent trigger pull. They told me today if I purchase it I can return it less the background check fee. If anyone wants to throw some good numbers out there on what its worth I would appreciate it. Being a mutt pistol its hard for me to judge a good price based on any research. Thanks, Tom
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