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  1. Wildcat04

    KSU Vs TCU

    I lived in Overland Park for 5 years before having to move to Sooner land for my wife's residency.
  2. I am having the lifter welded, loading port opened a bit (mostly the front area) and some plastic shaved off the front hand guard. I'm also having a smaller fiber optic installed up front. The one it come with is a bit large for hitting at 100 with slugs.
  3. Wildcat04

    KSU Vs TCU

    A cats fan!? Awesome! 04 grad here ( and 11 for a second degree)
  4. That sucks...I had a deal fall through because someone decided they wanted to keep the gun after they agreed to a price. Not quite as bad as selling it to someone else...
  5. My JM has about 1000 through it and I haven't had any issues with it either. No failure to feed/fire/eject.
  6. I never got an email about it either. I wouldn't have even looked if I hadn't seen the previous post. BTW thanks for posting them in stock. They must have had at least 2 because after I ordered the item was still available.
  7. You can get a 22 barrel insert for a Shiloh Sharps.
  8. I just saw that joe bobs has the mega Maten sets in stock if you really want to build one. I think it was around 600 for the upper and lower set and it uses a standard ar lpk.
  9. Best prices I have found is through silver state armory. PSA also has some good deals on it as well. Those are the only places I have really found with decent prices.
  10. Just want to clarify...I have nothing against 6.8. I have a bison armory 6.8 upper that I love to shoot. It's great for deer (my state has >22 cal limitation, hogs, and coyotes). I just don't know about it's practicality for competitive shooting.
  11. There are several cheap 556 uppers you can get. I think midway had a DPMS for less than 400 and SOTA has complete uppers (including BCG) for under 400 as well. I know some folks with 6.8 SOTA uppers and they shoot pretty dang well for the price. At about $1 per round for 6.8 you'll make up the difference pretty quick.
  12. Same boat as you. I'm just starting out in 3 gun and I wanted something that wouldn't break the bank. I am wait listed on three different sites plus I have my local deal on the lookout through his 4 distributors. He put in a back order on both the 22 and the 24. Only one of those has my name on it. If they come in and he doesn't have anyone lined up for the other I will let you know.
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