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  1. That match has gone down hill since APS took over from the previous USPSA match. They have run off most of the good shooters in the area who simply shoot the other matches. They always set up the same stages for the 3 gun match and use them for USPSA. I've got nothing against matches / clubs being for profit, but that club illustrates all of the potential downsides of caring more about making money than putting on a good match. Eric the stage designer is the only good one there and I don't know how long before he burns out.
  2. I don't expect things to be any better next year, in fact I'd guess they will be worse. The same club has the match again next year. They ran ROs ragged this year so I bet they will have even more trouble getting staff next year. Stages were good, better than they looked on paper. Management was a disaster that was easily predictable if the MD had been paying more attention ahead of time.
  3. Just to be clear, I was being facetious. I've got 1 Automatic Accuracy Shadow, and 2 CGW worked up Sp-01s. I have no plans to get rid of them.
  4. I plan to add a couple of mag pouches and a holster to my backup gear. When packing for the last major I shot last year it occurred to me that I had 2 guns, twice the ammo required, clothes to handle a 20 degree change in weather in either direction, rain gear, etc, but no spare holster or mag pouches.
  5. Now that the shadow 2s are becoming available the original shadows are totally uncompetitive and useless. *Runs off to check the classifieds for people selling their shadow to buy a shadow 2*
  6. Here's my full parts list for my SP-01s. Cajun Gun Works 10040, CZC race hammer and CGW sear TR-PIN (floating trigger pin) H-pin x2 (hammer pins) RP-TRS (reduced power trigger return spring) 75 Shadow line trigger 1485-T2 disconnector (short reset disconnector) Recoil springs 11lb x2 SRS-2 (firing pin, fp spring, fp retaining pin, hammer spring 11#, FP block lifter and spring, ) Extended firing pin (included in SRS-2) 75060 Stainless steel guide rod 61050 Extended firing pin (spare) 61100 FP retaining pin (spare) Dawson Precision Dawson .205 h / .90 wide 019-115 CZC CZC Competition Rear sight Flat mainspring plug Stainless mag brake Trigger bar spring Right side 1/8 inch above bottom of trigger bar Left side just touching trigger bar
  7. You would want to remove any small parts like sights before nitriding. The temperature of nitriding would likely make the sight body brittle and would definitely destroy the springs in the sight.
  8. Ironically I broke the Cajun Gun Works firing pin in my practice SP-01 the other day. The gun still fired but the tip of the firing pin would protrude through the breach face occasionally and prevent the first round from loading. Still made it through a 500 round session while broken, set everything off. I would have changed the firing pin a while ago, but I wanted to see how far it would go. It broke about right at the end of the taper. The retaining pin was also cracked but still functioning just fine. This gun has seen just over 45,000 live fire rounds + dry fire 5-6 days a week for 2 years. I do use a snap cap in the chamber while dry firing.
  9. They already have done away with minor in Limited. Minor is uncompetitive for most shooters. You are free to shoot minor if you want, it just isn't competitive at the top.
  10. bthoefer

    Shadow 2 msrp

    Interesting observation about the guns starting to feel different. I'm at the same point with my primary practice gun, which has around 50,000 rounds on it along with lots of dry fire. It just feels different than my other two, smoother and less mechanical feeling to the action. I'm about to pull it apart and inspect and replace anything that needs it.
  11. bthoefer

    Shadow 2 msrp

    I'd agree that it is worth it if a bunch of work doesn't need to be done to the new Shadow 2. How many reasonably stock shadows have you even seen. I looked for one for a year and never found one. I ended up owning 2 SP-01s and a Automatic Accuracy Shadow.
  12. bthoefer

    Time for a tune up

    That's what I'm thinking too. Although I doubt it's the sear, since the issue is in DA. I'm guessing it's just wear between the trigger bar and the disconnector but sear cage is a good point too. If it was SA I'd lean more towards the sear.
  13. bthoefer

    Time for a tune up

    First thing I checked. It definitely has not walked, it's solidly in place with red loctite. To adjust it I'm going to have to take it out and heat it. I'm mostly curious about what has worn to alter the timing enough to cause this issue.
  14. Virginia Count adds a different challenge when used. Nothing lost by having it as an option.
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