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  1. What kind of buffer spring? Regular carbine or 308 carbine?
  2. It seems the buffer itself is travelling past the retainer pin after it rebounds against the back of the buffer tube. I mean with a longer buffer, plus the fact that many are running a longer 308 buffer spring equals a frakload of tension/potential energy against retainer pin. But yes, many run without it. Just wear safety glasses whenever you take apart your receivers or prepare for a shot in the cheek! lol
  3. For those that maybe have performed more ambidextrous drills, would not a shoulder transition (to the left shoulder) on the weak side be an option as well? Might take a 1.5 seconds more so speed demons may not agree.
  4. Sorry for the thread resurrection, but I just pulled the trigger on a Stern Defense magwell adapter myself. Here in Canada, the AR-15 is a restricted firearm and instead of forking out for dedicated lower I figure my initial foray into PCC would be via repurposing an existing and registered lower receiver I already have. After viewing and reading a boatload of reviews on the magwell adapter I sensed it was enough to least bite the bullet and give it go.
  5. Thanks. Yes, exactly. Filing across both sides maximizes that the edges are level. I went slow to ensure I made the cuts I wanted. I'm pleased with the results.
  6. Here are the results for loading port work I did this weekend on my recently acquired Stoeger M3000. Loads up slick with deuces. And I've yet to fire a shot.
  7. this looks very clean. were your initial cuts with a file or did you dremel right off the bat? i like how you angled the beveled edges from where the trigger group starts. i believe i will be emulating the same lines.
  8. I was able to source a M3000. 1303xxx. Required modification to fit my NC extension tube.
  9. Agreed! I picked up a copy last night as well just for the article. Thanks to Pat for the write-up and greetings from Canada!
  10. I just came home with a copy of this month's Shooting Illustrated just for Patrick's article. I am now even more sold to do the same. Now, the hunt for a M3000 begins!
  11. This looks bloody fantastic, Patrick! Your porting job looks amazing? Was this milled or regular rotary tool-style with monkey grease?
  12. I'm having a bit of a challenging time trying to source a 3000 here in Ontario, Canada which I have pretty much decided will be my next platform for IPSC shotgun.
  13. Yes, a gracious thanks to Roy and company for the superb match. This was my second USPSA match and I only wish I started shooting your club matches earlier! Glad to have shaken your hand and thanks for giving a tremendous effort in setting these mammoth matches (for 25$, really??? damn!) and as other Canadians have mentioned - totally worth the 4 hours drive from Toronto! Stage 5 The Chair was an evil stage!
  14. I am 89.01 % sure I am going. I only wish I started shooting at Roy's matches sooner! $25 for what is pretty much a level 3 match is as another has mention just crazy talk here in Ontario.
  15. Thanks to Roy Neal and the rest of the Wayne County Raccoon Hunter crew for setting up and hosting fantastic match. This was my first USPSA event and despite the rain the 4 hour drive from Mississauga, Ontario was totally worth it! I definitely have my eyes fixed on the last outdoor match at the end of this month. Cheers!
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